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werc mural srb brooklyn 72014

Far Behind, or Right on Time? Nostrand Avenue Construction Timetable Unclear [Brooklyn Brief]
Pavilion Pizza Coming Soon to Space Next to Movie Theater [South Slope News]
Gentile: 86th Street Repaving to Begin Monday [Bensonhurst Bean]
Greenpoint Ferry-Dock Repair Down to the Wire as G Cutoff Looms [Brooklyn Paper]
Greenpoint Sludge Tank Is History [Greenpointers]
“Bushwick” Lettering on Vandervoort Place Is Gone, “Zude” Takes Its Place [Bushwick Daily]
Greenpoint’s No. 7 Sub Shop Is Becoming a Full-on Bar [Eater]
Demolition at China Dragon as More Businesses Merge on Cortelyou Block [Ditmas Park Corner]

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brooklyn bridge park baylander

Brooklyn Bridge Park is now offering free tours of a 50-year-old naval ship docked at Pier 5, the Baylander IX-514. The tours aim to highlight the ship’s history, in addition to promoting the park’s under-construction marina. The 131-foot vessel first saw service in Vietnam in 1968. Since 1986, helicopter pilots in training have used the ship as a landing pad, and it’s seen 120,000 successful landings in the last 16 years. You can tour the ship Saturdays between 10 am and 4 pm and Sundays from 10 to 2 pm through Labor Day.

Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Park

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530 Eastern Parkway, former Kameo Theater, SSpellen

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Throwback Thursday: An old post revisited, with an update

Name: Philadelphian Sabbath Church, formerly Kameo Theater, formerly Cameo Theater
Address: 530 Eastern Parkway
Cross Streets: Corner Nostrand Avenue
Neighborhood: Crown Heights South
Year Built: 1924
Architectural Style: Egyptian influenced Art Deco
Architect: Harrison Wiseman
Other Buildings by Architect: Our Lady of Vilnius Church, Yiddish Theater, 2nd Ave, Manhattan. Also Albemarle, Alpine, Rolland, Pavilion and Loew’s Oriental Theaters in Brooklyn.
Landmarked: No

The story: Way back in the early 1980s, before I moved to Brooklyn, I sang with a choir that made a guest appearance at this church. I remember I didn’t know where I was, as I didn’t know Brooklyn at all, but that the church, obviously a former theater, was very cool. When I moved to Bed Stuy and wandered over here one day, what a pleasant surprise. There it was. It turns out that the place has quite a history, too. (more…)

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189 schermerhorn downtown brooklyn 72014

The high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows are the big selling points at this one-bedroom condo at 189 Schermerhorn Street (aka be@schermerhorn). The 15th-floor pad weighs in at only 662 square feet, though, making the asking price of $739,000 aggressive — especially when you consider that it traded for $425,000 in 2010. On the other hand, a 75 percent rise in value in four years isn’t out of line with a lot of other properties in the area. And those views sure are nice.

189 Schermerhorn Street, #15B [Corcoran] GMAP

07/24/14 12:15pm

122 west street greenpoint 72014

At 677 square feet, this one-bedroom condo for rent in one of the Eberhard Pencil Factory buildings is rather small for the price, but it has a clean, modern feel. The large windows at the front of the living area help brighten up the long space, and the master bedroom is spacious. The building at 122 West Street also has nice amenities, including a roof deck, extra storage and fitness center. What do you think of it for $3,100 a month?

122 West Street, #4D [Elliman] GMAP

07/24/14 11:30am

431 kent avenue williamsburg 72014

The huge eight-building development rising at 431 Kent Avenue in Hasidic Williamsburg has gotten a red brick facade and windows. The complex will have 188 units, 227 underground parking spaces, 81 bike storage spaces, and 48 above ground parking spaces, as we reported in March.

Next door at 429 Kent, the Beijing-based XIN Development is installing the foundation and first floor of The Oosten, a pricey Dutch-designed condo project. In an interesting twist, XIN has agreed to alter certain features of the development out of respect for the Hasidim who will likely live in 431 Kent.  (more…)

07/24/14 10:45am

LIAC, Union St. 1909, NY Daily Trib 1

After nine years in five other locations, the Long Island Automobile Club finally got their headquarters near “The Gateway of Long Island;” Grand Army Plaza. As Brooklyn’s first, and most elite automobile club, with members of such social standing as William “Willy” Vanderbilt, they were now located in a building that was worthy of their wealth and prestige. Yes, it was another garage, but what a garage!

This building was something out of Europe, with a façade reminiscent of the Austrian Art Nouveau Movement, called the Vienna Secession. It was a four story building built in 1904 as the Plaza Garage. Art Nouveau architecture is very rare in New York City, and rarer still in Brooklyn, but this garage definitely qualified, with sinuous arches over the main entrance and flanking windows, and some rather overdone Germanic –style Roman eagles at the top. It was designed by an architect named Oscar Lowinson. (Thank you, Christopher Gray.) (more…)

st johns place multifamily crown heights 92013

Multi-family buildings are selling like crazy throughout Brooklyn, and the biggest growth is happening in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Bed Stuy and Bushwick, according to a report from Ariel Property Advisors highlighted by The Real Deal. In those three neighborhoods alone, 252 properties were sold in 170 transactions totaling nearly $710,000,000. Sales in Crown Heights, Bed Stuy and Bushwick made up a quarter of all the borough’s investment transactions.  (more…)