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espo icy signs

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Photo by Joel Zimmer

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bergn beer hall

Berg’n Beer Hall will open its doors in a former garage in Crown Heights on August 27, as Grub Street first reported. The 9,000-square-foot space at 899 Bergen Street will offer food from Mighty Quinn’s, Pizza Moto Slice Shop, Asia Dog, and Ramen Burger for lunch and dinner, and locally roasted Parlor coffee and Dough doughnuts for breakfast. Berg’n will also have a 40-foot antique bar that serves locally brewed beer and pints of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale. The beer hall is connected to 1000 Dean Street, a 150,000-square-foot former Studebaker service station that’s been converted to office space.

07/29/14 3:00pm

193-195 9th St. KL, PS

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Name: Originally row houses, then Our Saviour’s Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, now American Legion Post 1636
Address: 193-195 9th Street
Cross Streets: 3rd and 4th avenues
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Year Built: 1860s, remodeled as a church in 1885, more alterations, 1928
Architectural Style: Italianate under it all
Architect: Unknown
Landmarked: No

The story: As Gowanus grew as an industrial area, the thousands of workers who worked in the factories, warehouses and piers needed homes for themselves and their families. By the dawn of the Civil War, in 1860, a row of small two story Italianate row houses was built here on the eastern side of 9th Street, part of the effort to meet local housing needs. They weren’t fancy or grand; they were utilitarian houses for the working class. Most of them were probably subdivided into apartments or rented out as boarding house rooms. There were not too many people here who could afford an entire house.

As the war began in earnest, most people here were probably not aware that they lived on top of a battlefield themselves. This entire area was the site of the Battle of Brooklyn, where the newly minted Continental Army was almost destroyed at the very beginning of the Revolutionary War, in 1776. The British had far superior forces, training and guns, and the Americans soon found themselves retreating towards the harbor. (more…)

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We had wondered if the Unity Democratic Club at the corner of Ralph and Howard was still active, but hadn’t seen any signs of life since Obama’s first election. Now it looks like the old sign at 203 Ralph Avenue is coming down, perhaps for a new tenant or repairs. What would you like to see go into this space? GMAP

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636 macdonough street bed stuy 72014

If you’re buying in east Bed Stuy, the 600 block of MacDonough is certainly an attractive one. This particular house at No. 636 appears reasonably well maintained and has plenty of cute original details, though a buyer may want to customize the kitchens and baths.

It has not changed hands recently, and appears to have passed to a family member from an estate in 2007. Do you think it is appealing for $1,200,000?

636 MacDonough Street [IPG Real Estate] GMAP

07/29/14 12:55pm

30 main street dumbo 72014

While the furniture isn’t helping the sales cause, this new listing at 30 Main Street in Dumbo should have plenty of suitors. The big one-bedroom (plus windowless home office) has nearly 1,500 square feet of space and sports a generous master suite in addition to the large living/dining/kitchen area. The apartment doesn’t seem to have any views of Manhattan but the combination of high floor and southern exposure means there’s lots o’ light. Asking price: $1,649,000.

30 Main Street, #11D [Elliman] GMAP

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Grant Statue, postcard

In American history classes we learned that Ulysses S. Grant was the brilliant commander of the Union Army during the Civil War. He was appointed by Abraham Lincoln, and opposed his fellow West Pointer, General Robert E. Lee, during the horrendous War Between the States, the war which changed the United States forever. After the war, he was one of the most popular and well-known people in the country, up North, anyway. He would go on to win two terms as the eighteenth president of the United States. He was elected at 46, the youngest president of the country, at that time. He died in 1885, at the age of 63, a victim of throat cancer.

Some later historians regarded his presidency as pretty awful, due to the corruption of some of his key appointments, but he’s always been regarded with great pride and respect, especially in the years following his death. Today, history is much kinder to Grant as president, giving him credit where credit is due. His efforts to pull the country back together again after the war and his genuine efforts to include African Americans as full participants in American society are now lauded. Civil rights on a presidential level did not receive as much attention again until after World War II. Grant also presided over the country when technology and progress were making huge strides, helping to create a vital consumer middle class, and a changing America. (more…)

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292 court street cobble hill

A private Montessori school group is presenting its plans next week to alter the facade of a landmarked former movie theater at 292 Court Street in Cobble Hill. The school needs LPC approval to change the facade and “to install storefront infill, two barrier-free access ramps, a flag, a canopy, and an elevator bulkhead, “according to the LPC agendaCalifornia-based LePort Schools signed a lease in April for the 15,700-square-foot building, which includes an additional 6,000 square feet of rooftop and back terrace space, as we reported at the time.