10/08/15 4:30pm

Hudson Avenue in Vinegar Hill

MTA Considering Bike Path on Narrows Span [BK Paper]
Bensonhurst and Gravesend Parks to Get $9.9 Million From City for Repairs [Eagle]
Three Men Caught After Fort Greene Shootout [Gothamist]
While There Are Still Artists in Gowanus: Gowanus Open Studios 2015 [PMFA]
The Boerum Hill Snake-Oil Man [Brownstone Detectives]

[Hudson Avenue in Vinegar Hill | Photo: Jessica Lott]

10/08/15 3:00pm

DOB Audit Brooklyn -- What to Know?

A Brownstoner reader has an upcoming walkthrough with a DOB inspector for a two-family home renovation.

brooklyntoqueens writes:

Our project, a 2 family Alt2 renovation, started with a self certification (Directive 14). At that time I was told that there would be a very high chance that we would be audited before sign off and that’s what’s happening next week. Both electrical and plumbing have been signed off, electrical with a physical DOB inspection and plumbing by the plumber himself. My expeditor asked for a final sign off and we got notified of a request for a “PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION COMPLIANCE AUDIT”

I’ll be doing the walkthrough on my own with the DOB inspector, are there any does or don’ts I should be aware of? What do I need to have with me besides the drawings and amendments? Almost everything is done according to the drawings but there are obviously a few things here and there that are a little different….

Have you ever been audited by the DOB? Have any advice for the poster? Chime in over in the original Brownstoner Forum post.

Have answers? Need help with something? Visit the Brownstoner Forum.

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10/08/15 1:00pm

Dumbo Clinton Hill Brooklyn John Arbuckle Coffee History

Read Part One of the Brooklyn coffee history series.

Coffee came to America as early as the late 1600s. By the mid-19th century, Manhattan was the green coffee capital of America, home to dozens of wholesale coffee brokers and coffee roasters.

Soon after the Civil War, the beans spilled across the river into Brooklyn, due to this city’s huge capacity for storage and processing. Brooklyn’s vast waterfront piers became the landing place for the coffees of the world.

Brooklyn’s largest coffee company belonged to brothers John and Charles Arbuckle, originally from Pittsburgh. They also left us several great additions to Brooklyn’s architectural legacy. (more…)

10/08/15 12:00pm

Williamsburg Apartment for Rent -- 250 Bedford Ave

Our rental of the day is a pricey one-bedroom within the Brooklyn Social, a new-ish rental building at 250 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. If it looks familiar perhaps you’ve seen it before, or maybe you’ve just seen one of the 900,000 so-called luxury apartments in similar buildings that have sprouted all over Williamsburg in recent years. (That’s an admittedly unscientific count.) (more…)

10/08/15 11:31am

As reported on Brownstoner yesterday, the real estate firm Citi Habitats has acquired Brooklyn’s own aptsandlofts.com, the brokerage, rental and new development marketing firm. Aptsandlofts.com will now operate under the Citi Habitats name. The founder, owner and president of aptsandlofts.com, David Maundrell, will take on the role of Citi Habitats Executive Vice President, Brooklyn and Queens New Development.


Sponsored By Citi Habitats.

Citi Habitats are neighborhood experts with a modern understanding of where and how our clients want to live.

Created By BlankSlate

“Over the course of their 13 years in the business, Dave and his team have developed an authentic Brooklyn brand and established a major presence in the local real estate market,” said Gary Malin, president of Citi Habitats. “Citi Habitats and aptsandlofts.com share a similar vision for what the combined company can achieve. Together we will offer greater opportunities for our affiliated agents, as well as a deeper pool of resources and insights for clients.”

The combined assets of a trusted local brand and an agency with national reach means that Brooklyn buyers, sellers, and renters will have even more tools to help them find the right home.


10/08/15 11:00am

Affordable Interior Design in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Evan Schwartz and his wife, Rebekah, were “tired of spending all their money on rent,” so they left Park Slope and migrated south to Bay Ridge.

“At first I pooh-poohed the idea, but 24 hours later it was a done deal,” said Schwartz, an interior designer for private clients and Homepolish, a company that provides affordable by-the-hour design services. “The streets are wide, it’s quiet, there’s good food. Yes, the commute to Manhattan is annoying, but the rent is reasonable and you get more space.” (more…)

10/08/15 9:27am

School Equality Rally Brooklyn

The turnout for Wednesday’s “Stand for School Equality” rally was impressive — more than 15,000 students, parents and teachers gathered in Cadman Plaza and marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall, calling for measures to address the inequality in NYC’s public school system.

Ostensibly a fight against unequal schools, the purpose of Wednesday’s rally would more accurately be described as promoting charter schools.