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Hi all,

We’re considering installing a steel deck off the back of our parlor floor. The ironworkers (Lopopolo, a rec. from these forums) will “supply a tracking number” but we would be responsible for permits and the permit fee.

Given what I’ve read here, I have a healthy fear of the Brooklyn DOB! Does anyone have thoughts regarding hiring an expediter to manage deck permits? Would the expediters handle everything (other than the metalworking, obviously), or would we need a separate engineer to do drawings? Or should we just bite the bullet and try to do this ourselves?


Just wanted to check with the forum regarding the reasonableness of an expediter’s quote for “expediting” a gut renovation of a kitchen and two bathrooms (no change in footprint) in the north slope.

Quotes are:
(1) Alt Type II – $1,600
(2) LPC – $850
(3) Permits – $350
(4) Letter of Completion – $850.

I expect the contractor will perform item (4) but any guidance the forum has is appreciated.

R/U/N 165

I am (still, unbelievably) in the process of converting a commercial space into a one family house in Williamsburg. I hired an expeditor at my architect’s recommendation last year, still don’t have a CO, and just received a bill for 8k! Surely, this is outrageously high? Has anyone had a similar experience?


Hi we are in the process of filing plans for a new construction project – single family home.

We have an architect and expediter but would like to know a rough idea of what our costs will be.
This is so we can judge the validity of what we are being told/charged from our vendors.


Anybody understand what ECCCNYS ANALYSIS means?

We have applied for a permit and the NYC DOB site shows a “B-SCAN List of Required Items” and there is a list of items required for this job. One of them is ECCCNYS ANALYSIS and I don’t really know what is that.


When filing with the DOB, is it possible to file an ALT 2 without doing a directive 14? Or not have the owner sign-off on the job filing for “certification for Directive 14 Application” regarding the final inspection?


I’m converting a 2 family to a 3 family. The plans have been filed and approved, but I need an expeditor to help me get the construction inspection and finished all of the “sign offs” for the issuance of the C/O. I can’t seem to get the attention of my current expeditor who replaced my first — he literaly disappared (he’s been the subject of other post on this site). Any suggestions. Thanks.