Reasonableness Check – Expediters’ Fees


    Just wanted to check with the forum regarding the reasonableness of an expediter’s quote for “expediting” a gut renovation of a kitchen and two bathrooms (no change in footprint) in the north slope.

    Quotes are:
    (1) Alt Type II – $1,600
    (2) LPC – $850
    (3) Permits – $350
    (4) Letter of Completion – $850.

    I expect the contractor will perform item (4) but any guidance the forum has is appreciated.

    R/U/N 165

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    1. Am not gonna chime in in public, It is possible that the 850.00 for signoff includes landmark signoff as well and also that it includes controlled inspection provisions so is not really expensive if that is the case.

    2. Hello,
      Just want to inform all that we do give these services for the following prices;

      Alt.type 2 approval application is for $1,050
      Landmark application for $250
      Contractor’s work permit for $350
      Asbestos Testing- We schedule the investigator for no charge. The customer is supposed to pay the fee for testing which is about $400.
      Sign off and letter of Completion $150.

      If anyone would be interested you can contact us through our email which is


    3. On the contractor end, it depends on how many permits need to be pulled. For example we have three on one residential job and five on one commercial job.

      I work with my own expediter, and my subcontractors have their own expediters.

      I include those fees in my bid.

    4. Not the cheapest but not too bad either. It all depends on whether you feel the expediter will stay on top of things.

    5. Not sure who you got the quote from but stay away from Grand Expediters. Also, make sure the contract is for a flat rate or those numbers grow exponentially.

    6. OK, I’ll chime in.
      Mine charges $2,000 for the Alt 2, but that includes the asbestos test, which is usually about $400 or so, and the letter of completion. I do my own LPC filing, and permits are about $150.

      Now, about that Letter of Completion, I’ve found that recently the DOB has been generating them automatically when the jobs been signed off. Obtaining them usually means nothing more than downloading them from BIS after the sign-off.

    7. By comparison, my expediter’s standard fees are as follows:

      (1) Alt Type II – $1,800
      (2) LPC – $200 (for a certificate of no effect)
      (3) Construction permit – $400
      (4) Letter of Completion – included in the $1,800 base fee.