Image Source: Ozlem’s Turkish Table

It’s time for our weekly Queens food blog roundup, where we show you what the local food press has in store. For this meal, we’ve selected an Turkish cuisine, half-shell treats, homestyle meatballs, and cookies. Please have a seat and your server will be right with you.


Note: This post has been updated from the original guide published on June 27, 2012. 

One of the things Queens is known for is food. This is a roundup of blogs covering the Queens food scene.


Chopsticks and Marrow

Joe DiStefano writes about everything food trucks and underground dives to fine-dining and trendy hotspots. His obsession with ethnic food comes from his childhood trips to Chinatown and his rich Italian-American heritage. Joe is an intrepid walker, unafraid to explore new territory and chat with cooks and eaters alike. His candid posts delve into the vibrant flavors, meals, cuisines, and cultures that make Queens one of the most unique food spots on the globe. Read more about Joe on Twitter and Facebook.



Check out this Jackson Heights kitchen and bath remodel on Apartment Therapy

It was great to see this delightful kitchen and bath remodel in Jackson Heights, featured on the beloved blog Apartment Therapy.  Francis Temple-West was the architect and Robert Roses was the contractor. The before and after shots are striking and the people involved did an amazing job. Love all the light in the kitchen especially.

Sandy Stories and Pumpkin Bread

Rockaways resident Fran Honan shares her stories about Hurricane Sandy in the blog The Glorified Tomato (one of our favorite food blogs) – the most recent one includes a recipe for pumpkin bread. Pumpkin bread brings a little normalcy to this time of year, which is a foil to a world that still seems a little upside down.

She usually bakes a bunch of loaves and shares them with neighbors, but during Sandy, her stash of 20+ cans of pumpkin was damaged during the storm (“I know they were sealed, but I was afraid to take a chance and  use them. Thanks to the kindness of my sister Maria, who lives in Manhattan and has been generously replenishing my supply by carrying 4 or 5 cans at a time on the subway to bring to me.”). With this new supply of pumpkin, she has been baking and sharing loaves with her neighbors, which brings a smile and a moment of joy. We think that’s a beautiful thing.

Meals are coming to SingleCut

Way back even before the brewery was open, founder Rich Buceta said he wanted to serve food eventually. Well, food has arrived at the tap room, and they’re calling them “Meals” – they are meat pies and sides. There will even be a vegetarian pie, too (vegetable curry). The bacon and blue cheese cole slaw side sounds pretty good, too.

Can’t Stop New York – another message from the Rockaways

“Rockaway, Queens resident Tim Tubridy details the road to recovery for his community after Super Storm Sandy.” He appreciates all the help from outsiders, too.


The future of the Sunnyside Center Cinemas building is unsure

We’re learned from the Sunnyside Post that the building that houses Sunnyside movie theater – Center Cinemas – was sold and may eventually be demolished and turned into residential units. The building was sold in December 2012 by Dime Savings Bank for $6.675 million. The buyer is a new Astoria-based firm called 2-25 Queens Blvd. Corporation. They are not sure what they will do with it right now, but those in the real estate know predict that the site will become home to residential units. The current tenants do have leases – the movie theater until December 2014; PJ Horgan’s until June 30, 2018; and a dentist office until Oct. 31, 2014 (with a provision to extend it). The movie theater charges discount prices, and PJ Horgan’s has been around for over 40 years. The feel of this area of Sunnyside would be changed if those two businesses were to disappear.


Our friends over at The Glorified Tomato posted an update on Friday about the temporary pedestrian plaza being installed at the intersection of 71st Avenue at Stephen Street and Myrtle Avenue in the southeastern part of Ridgewood (GMAP). They spotted the work being done, stopped by the plaza and talked to Theodore Renz, Executive Director of the Ridgewood Local Development Corporation, who just happened to be there at the site. He listened to Paula’s feedback and encouraged future feedback regarding the pedestrian plaza.