Updated: Guide to top Queens food blogs


    Note: This post has been updated from the original guide published on June 27, 2012. 

    One of the things Queens is known for is food. This is a roundup of blogs covering the Queens food scene.


    Chopsticks and Marrow

    Joe DiStefano writes about everything food trucks and underground dives to fine-dining and trendy hotspots. His obsession with ethnic food comes from his childhood trips to Chinatown and his rich Italian-American heritage. Joe is an intrepid walker, unafraid to explore new territory and chat with cooks and eaters alike. His candid posts delve into the vibrant flavors, meals, cuisines, and cultures that make Queens one of the most unique food spots on the globe. Read more about Joe on Twitter and Facebook.


    Jeff Orlick Jeffrey Tastes

    Jeff Orlick of Jeffrey Tastes: “Come on, who wants a tour?”
    Image source: Jeffrey Tastes via Vayable


    Jeffrey Tastes

    Jackson Heights-based Jeff Orlick passionately believes in using food to connect people. He writes about international eats in Queens, organizes events like local dinners and “food crawls,” gives tours of Roosevelt Avenue’s best grub, and even has an app for finding the best NYC pizza. Jeff also founded the Ambassador Program, which hosts meals across the city hosted by food “ambassadors” who order for the group and give the meal cultural context. Jeff’s a humble guy who’s just “living out his food fantasies,” but he’s helped educate the city on the amazing adventures Queens’ cuisine has to offer. You can also find him on Twitter.



    A former food judge and guest columnist for Martha Stewart, Juditka (her real name) blogs about undiscovered eats in LIC and Astoria. She aims to inspire the community by featuring “fabulous culinary treasures” through restaurants reviews, food news, and recipes. Juditka hails from Slovakia; her Eastern European roots inspire her culinary curiosity. Fooditka is on Twitter and Facebook.


    We Heart Astoria

    The three ladies of We Heart Astoria do just that. Celebrating their neighborhood with local guides to the best beer gardens, sidewalk cafes, and sandwiches, showcasing recipes based on ingredients sourced from local vendors in and around Astoria, and maintaining a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter have made this blog a go-to for Astorians. “Chances are,” explains site contributor and fellow foodie Clare Langan, “a conversation about Astoria involves food. Whether it’s the most authentic street cart falafel or which bar has the best mac ‘n cheese, it’s no secret our neighborhood knows how to eat.”


    Tastoria Queens

    For several years, Tastoria Queens has been indulging in her food fantasies in Astoria on her blog and Twitter. She writes detailed and uninhibited restaurant reviews and street guides, documents festivals, and explores her own food faves. “I am a thankful Astorian because,” she writes, “within walking distance from my apartment, I can enjoy food from Greece, Bosnia, Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand, Venezuela, Italy, Croatia, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Colombia, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, Peru and so many more.” Twitter.


    The Glorified Tomato

    Four women who love to cook contribute to The Glorified Tomato with recipes, interviews, reblogged articles, events, and reviews. They’re also moms, gardeners, hostesses, crafters, and teachers and therefore have amassed a following of the same on their blog, Twitter, and Facebook. The site is rich with content from DIY projects and authentic recipes to and storytelling and cultural reflection.


    Queens featured on national food blogs

    Real Cheap Eats – Search by cuisine or price to read reviews of delicious and affordable Queens restaurants.

    Serious Eats – An online community dedicated to celebrating all kinds of food.

    Eater – A great source for restaurant openings, food and dining trends, this site covers four neighborhoods in Queens: Astoria, Flushing, LIC, and Woodside.


    If you have more noteworthy Queens food blogs to share, add it in the comments below, or hit us on Twitter or Facebook — and we will update this post again!

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