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Quality of Life

I am looking to relocate to Brooklyn from conservative Lancaster Co, PA. I would prefer to do this after my daughter graduates in about 4 years. As a single person I know this will be financially difficult given the cost of living is so much higher and the lifestyle is different than living in the suburbs where I am now. I really need to plan well for this life changing move and needed advice from locals on how to proceed. I do not have a degree and would need to look for an entry-mid level clerical/accounting job and would like to know to the best sites/classifieds/places to find work. In addition I only have explored the Park Slope and Ft Greene neighborhoods but know they are more expensive than others. Can anyone give me any insight into the different neighborhoods, vibes, lifestyles, and cultures? As a newcomer is it better to keep my car or rely on public transportation? Is street parking readily available and safe? As you can tell I have a lot of questions on lifestyle changes. Any advice is appreciated.


We currently live in PS and our son goes to The Children’s School. We are house hunting, and currently considering Ditmas Park. Can anyone tell me about the middle school situation there? I’ve looked on Inside Schools but it isn’t shedding much light on it for me. I believe it is District 17. Would my children hve to go to a zoned middle school? Or have the choice to apply to other schools? I am told for elementary school that D17 is not very strong. If we would create a problem for ourselves down the road moving there, we could limit our search to D16, eg Windsor Terrace/Kensington, rather than considering wrapping around the park into D17.

Thoughts anyone? Thanks very much.


We just moved to a masonry rowhouse and can hear everything from our adjoining neighbors home, from doors opening and closing to conversations. Wondering what our options are in terms of soundproofing–we have lovely details on some of the plaster walls that I am loathe to cover up with drywall if that is an option. I’m looking for the most budget-friendly yet effective suggestions but really don’t know much about what options are out there. Would appreciate any solutions folks can recommend.

Thank you


Hey there. My wife and I are considering a move to Ditmas Park. Everything about the area seems great, but I can’t seem to find a nearby gym/health club/YMCA. Are there options for the area? Or is the closest gym a subway ride away?

Many thanks for the help.


I’m the relatively new owner of a 3 family rowhouse. The prior owner was an absentee landlord and the tenants have gotten used to piling their bikes in the parlor floor hall. This is unsafe, impractical and exposes me to hefty fines if I get inspected by FDNY. That said, hauling bikes upstairs is annoying and they take up lots of room. Has anyone in the forum installed a bike rack inside a typical (i.e., smallish) front stoop/gate area? Any other solutions you’ve come up with?


So I’ve contact the people responsible for distributing these circulars by using the number on the bag. I call the number on the bag and complain about the dumping and they promised to remove my address but I continue to get circulars on a weekly basis. Ive always had the “do not place” notice on my door, as per the Sanitation department requirements, so I’m assuming the workers just don’t or can’t read english. Im about to submit a complaint form but i also wanted to know if there was any additional things that I need to do. I came very close to send out certified mail today with an intent to sue. Can some of the more sophisticated on this board tell me what I should do. Before I end, one day they dropped of several bags in front of my one family house that ended up being under the snow. I bring out the snow blower and poof, millions (exaggeration) of pieces of paper flying all over the place. So not only did I have to move 20 inches of snow, I had to move lots of strips of paper.


I am the owner of a house on a street that is quite literally covered in dog feces. It appears that NO ONE cleans up after their dog, leaving it to me – a non-dog owner – to clean up huge piles of mess on an almost every day basis. I am at my wit’s end. I called 311 several times to file complaints and asked for the Pooper Scooper signs to post, only to be told they no longer give them out. I love pets and take care to buy salt for my sidewalks that is safe for animals but this is simply disgusting and I don’t know how to fix this problem. Any advice brownstoners?


Surprised this hasn’t come up today. A restaurant to be called Prime 6 has been mentioned here in the past; at Flatbush and 6th Ave. Its supposed to be a steakhouse and “gentleman’s club”. I think many are reading that as a strip club or similar.

Prime 6 is having a hearing for its liquor license before Community Board 6 on Monday Feb 28 at 6:30. There were signs all along 6th Ave near Flatbush today encouraging people to got to it to protest and block the license. Its at the:
Prospect Park YMCA
357 9th Street, 7th floor
(between 5th & 6th Avenues)
6:30, 2nd item on agenda

I’m pretty sure we don’t need a “gentleman’s club” there. Is this a sign of the kind of businesses that will open to serve the arena crowd? People need to start fighting against that now.

Is there going to be any limit to the number of bars in the blocks around the arena?

Could any lawyers give a quick & dirty on how best to block a liquor license?