United NY?


    Thursday evening I received a knock at my door from a young man wanting me to sign a petition for paid sick days for hourly wage workers.
    He handed me a nicely printed flyer and I listened to his three or four minute pitch.
    I said to him that I would like to review his information and the organization before I signed and that I also need to feed my children and get them to bed.
    He took back his flyer saying it was only for people who signed his petition.
    I asked him if he could return another time but before he left, he said that he wanted to verify some voter registration information.
    He checked his long list and asked about a former owner and resident that have long been deceased.
    I only replied that they not longer lived at my address.
    Wondering about the connection to the petition and voter registration, I looked up UnitedNY.org on the net and listed as their “partner” is “NY Communities for Change (NYCC)”.
    NYCC is the newly branded name for ACORN.
    The printed material had no information regarding the petition I was asked to sign and he seemed more interested in getting verification on the names off his “voter registration” list.
    Anyone had a similar experience?
    Possible reconn for future “votes”?

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    1. Does “votes” suggest there’s some kind of voter fraud? Because, contrary to Fox News’ claims, not only is voter fraud incredibly rare, but ACORN has never been involved in any. And there was no wrongdoing in the selectively edited films put together by a guy who was later arrested for tapping a Senator’s phone. Sadly, the media firestorm was enough to destroy the organization.

      Kind of amazing that ACORN gets destroyed by a made-up news “story,” but ####crooks#### like Blackwater continue to receive multi-billions in taxpayer money, in spite of evidence of criminal activity–the murder of Iraqi civilians and bribery of Iraqi officials–that goes all the way to the top.

    2. Actually, sounds pretty standard to political campaigns – I remember during the initial part of the Obama campaign, a good part of the work was to confirm that registered democrats on voter registration lists were still at their listed addresses so that once it was time to get out the vote, we wouldn’t waste our time targeting folks who wouldn’t be interested.