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Quality of Life


I realize this is a narrow-field request, but every morning around 5:30 – 6:00am, there is this horrible clanging noise somewhere coming from the east side of the block of Clinton between Sackett and Degraw. The best way I can describe it is that it sounds like a woodpecker drilling into something metal. It sounds like it’s coming from higher up, on a rooftop or something, but I can’t see anything for the life of me. Anybody else out there heard this noise, or any idea what it could be? Thanks.


Thursday evening I received a knock at my door from a young man wanting me to sign a petition for paid sick days for hourly wage workers.
He handed me a nicely printed flyer and I listened to his three or four minute pitch.
I said to him that I would like to review his information and the organization before I signed and that I also need to feed my children and get them to bed.
He took back his flyer saying it was only for people who signed his petition.
I asked him if he could return another time but before he left, he said that he wanted to verify some voter registration information.
He checked his long list and asked about a former owner and resident that have long been deceased.
I only replied that they not longer lived at my address.
Wondering about the connection to the petition and voter registration, I looked up on the net and listed as their “partner” is “NY Communities for Change (NYCC)”.
NYCC is the newly branded name for ACORN.
The printed material had no information regarding the petition I was asked to sign and he seemed more interested in getting verification on the names off his “voter registration” list.
Anyone had a similar experience?
Possible reconn for future “votes”?


We’re considering an apt. on 18th St. between Beverley and Albermarle. We’re unfamiliar with the area and will have an infant. Any input on this specific area is greatly appreciated – good for young families, amenities, safety etc. Thanks.


My living room shares one party wall with my neighbors living room. For a very long time, they would listen to their TV at a high enough volume that I could pretty much discern exactly what they were watching at any given time. I have spoken to them about it, they were friendly, and the noise has since been lowered significantly to what is probably your average volume. However, the party wall is so damn thin that I’m still getting enough noise from there to basically drive me nuts (being uber sensitive to noise is a curse I wish upon nobody!) Apart from this one issue, I really like the apartment, and would not consider moving otherwise. I feel that my neighbors have done their part by being more considerate, so my question is if there is any kind of wall treatment or hanging of something on my side of the wall that would help muffle the residual noise. This is a rental so I can not do a perm installation. The wall is roughly 12′ long x 9′ tall.

Thank you for any suggestions. BoD

I have a neighbor whose dog barks non-stop (it’s a yapper) from 7 in the morning on. I nicely said something to her and was told “its after 7 am.” I told her this is what wakens us every morning. She told me too bad. Am I being unreasonable in asking someone to keep their dog quiet for a little later?


I am contemplating a move to 4th ave/Union Street from Cobble Hill (renting). I have concerns about traffic sounds/air quality and safety. Also (looking forward) public schools there vs cobble hill. The apt itself seems like a great fit for us though and appealing to be near food coop and park, BAM, subways. Does anyone have any experience with living in this area?


May 8, 2011
University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002

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New York City The Future Metropolis is an ongoing series of events focused on creative thinkers who are using their expertise to make New York City a more sustainable place to live, work, and do business. Each event is an exciting, fast-paced showcase of pioneering ideas and cutting-edge research, presented in a way that both inspires innovation in green industry professionals and remains accessible to the general public.

The theme of the next installment in the series will be “Water in New York.” This theme will cover the water bodies surrounding the city, the ways that water gets used in the city, and the cultural significance of water to New York. The speakers will cover a wide range of topics that relate to water, for example: harbor ecology, rain/grey water harvesting, green infrastructure, the impact of hydrofracking on NYC’s water supply, creating an innovative waterfront, designing landscapes and buildings with water in mind, learning from and on the water, and art created with or in response to NYC’s water.