Tree Permit


    The website is impossible to navigate.

    Where do I go to look for permit requirements for planting a tree in my front yard?


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    1. We didn’t get a permit for the tree we planted in the sidewalk when we moved in. The nursery guy just told us that we have four city approved varieties to choose from. Nobody in my neighborhood gets permits for silly things like this; they just plant the damn tree. Some house on the street behind me put two fruit trees out in front and I know they’re not on the approved list.

    2. you need a permit for a tree on city prop. you need to look on the website for the permit and tree list. If it is city property WHICH a lot of PART OF THE FRONT YARDS IN BRLKLYN ARE. Then you need a 2-3 inch caliber tree with a 32 inch rootball. Basically a 10 ft tree. NY tree man is a great installer and will source out the tree and cut the cement at a most reasonable price. I’ll look up his info and post it Dont get discouraged youll do it.

    3. If it is on your property, just plant the tree yourself.
      A permit for a tree? You don’t need a permit for a TREE.

    4. The city does not plant trees on private property. The the above mentioned Request a Tree web site’s frequently asked questions section will state this. It’s a program for planting trees in public places, i.e., a request for a tree planting on the street in front your house, but not in your privately owned front yard.