18th St. & Albermarle


    We’re considering an apt. on 18th St. between Beverley and Albermarle. We’re unfamiliar with the area and will have an infant. Any input on this specific area is greatly appreciated – good for young families, amenities, safety etc. Thanks.

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    1. I also live nearby, on Rugby on other side of Courtelyou. We have two little ones and love the neighborhood — lots of activities nearby including library storytime, music classes, small playgrounds. Where we are is pretty safe, can’t speak to your area, but we called local precinct before we moved to get an idea. Courtelyou Rd has really picked up in the past few years. Not sure if your plans include staying there through school years, but that may be an issue in the long run.

    2. find out what school district you’re in and how the local schools rate. this will matter A GREAT DEAL much sooner than you think.

    3. I live not far from there, but don’t know that particular area because I don’t have much occasion to go to that side of the subway tracks. For amenities, take a look around on Church Ave. – that location is very convenient to the Church ave Subway. Also check out Cortelyou Rd between E18th and Coney Island Ave where you’ll find a several good restaurants, etc. See what people in the neighborhood are talking about at http://ditmasparkblog.com/ (though that will have a lot of stuff about the area south and west of the location you’re talking about with more single family Victorian houses).

      For safety, it’s probably OK – I think it’s mostly regular working folks living in larger apartment buildings. You’d need to take the usual precautions that go with living in an urban area.