Pigeons are making a loud messy home in our cornice and their droppings are a disgusting coating on our stoop.

Can anyone recommend a good service to remove the pigeons and close off the cornices (until we can have them properly refinished).

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  1. We had pigeons nesting on ledges of the brownstone next door. We went to ToysRUs and bought a super shooter. It is like a water pistol on steroids. We shot the pigeons with water once and they returned. After the second time they relocated.

  2. brokelin,
    There are different size spikes from 3″ to 8″ and they could be combined, so the sky is the limit.
    There is also a product (caulking like) that is very effective as well, this could be used in a ledge.

  3. Those strips of spikes worked for a neighbor of mine. He’d done a couple of those fake owls too but they didn’t do anything.

  4. Anyone have advice about keeping them from hanging out on stone windowsills and leaving shit piles there? Do those spiky-strip things work? Is there something else that would work, or something wider for a wide ledge?

  5. Can you get at yourself from the roof?? If so just stuff the holes with a pall of chicken wire or any other wire mesh material you can find at HD.