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Quality of Life


we’re considering a place on 22nd between 4th and 5th. can anyone comment on safety in this area, especially the 25th street stop on the R train?

we plan on visiting the area at night to check it out firsthand, but i wanted to get a take from some people living in the area. i’ve seen mostly positive comments on greenwood heights in the archives here and on the brooklynian message boards, but they tend to be more about the 6th ave/7th ave side of the neighborhood.


I know this probably won’t get posted until Monday. . . but what the heck is going on at the South West corner of Prospect Park? With the tents and the flowers and what not? A caterering crew person told me it was a retirement party. Whose retirement party? I hope Prospect Park made oodles off of this . . .


Yes, this is another post complaining about cigarette smoke from a neighbor. I’ve read previous posts on this topic and, as this is obviously a touchy issue, I would like to try a different approach, if possible.

I purchased a co-op that I (mostly) love in Park Slope a year ago. The building was built in 1920 and I am on the top floor. During the months before closing, one of the residents in the unit below mine was not around. Shortly after moving in, he returned and I learned for the first time that there was a chain smoker in the building and there is a significant amount of shared air between our units.

The extremity and the frequency of the cigarette (and, occasionally less legal substances) smoke is beyond anything I could have imagined possible. Several times daily, it is as though there is someone smoking in the room with me. Mornings, my place smells like an ashtray. Sometimes I can smell the tobacco on my clothes even when I am outside of my apartment.

I informed the president of the co-op who instructed me to take it up with the tenants, which I have done now many, many times. They are always very nice. Sometimes, the problem seems to get better for a short period (although it has never gone away). It always returns as bad as ever, prompting me to have yet another conversation that sometimes is somewhat effective, sometimes not.

To try and fix the issue, I put in two additional layers of flooring. I sealed all the corners with expanding foam and/or caulk. I plugged the outlets. I even spent over $1100 on an air purifier specifically designed to address cigarette smoke. Needless to say, this continues to be a problem or I wouldn’t be writing here.

To complicate this issue, I have also been getting severe headaches on a regular basis (3-4 a month, each lasting for a day or two). I cannot conclusively tie the headaches to the smoke, as I used to get about one of these headaches once every two or three years. Suddenly the headaches are a regular occurrence. A nurse told me that cigarette smoke can be a trigger for cluster headaches.

I have spent many days in the bedroom to avoid the smoke in the living room and nights on the couch in the living room to avoid smoke in the bedroom. Twice, in desperation, I moved my mattress to the kitchen and slept there to get away from the smoke.

Unfortunately, selling is not an option for me because of the state of the housing market and the building flip tax. Not to mention all the money I have already invested in this unit.

Just writing this down here, the situation feels over-the-top, and at times it is. But nothing has been exaggerated or distorted. I would love any suggestions about regarding my options. What do the people on Brownstoner suggest? Is there something I have overlooked?


Yesterday at 4:20 pm, I double parked my car outside my home on Wash Ave to off-load my 3 and 7 year old. I left the flashers on and my wife came down the stoop to pick them up. In the 4 min transaction an 88 Precinct patrol car pulled in front of my car and issued a ticket even though they saw the kids. Arguing was in vain and the officer said she ‘wanted to teach me a lesson’. However, the ticket was incomplete and omitted the time. I plan on contesting it and have three witnesses who saw the bizarre exchange. Any advice?


I am wondering if anyone has experience or advice in actually enforcing the 80/20 rule in their buildings.
Our upstairs neighbors (who we really like) are very nice about listening to what is disruptive to us, but they don’t change their behaviors. They do not follow the 80/20 rule, and have said in the past that they do not like rugs, they like their hardwood floors.


Does anyone have neighbors who play music outdoors in the garden when they are not outside themselves? For an hour or several, loud. Can anything be done about it? Asking them to stop has not made an impact.


Can anyone who has been following changes on 3rd and 4th aves between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens speak to what kinds of changes might be expected in that region?

We’re considering looking for a house on one of the blocks between 3/4, probably south of 9th st. It is a convenient location for us to get my kids to school, but I’m hesitant about having my kids grow up surrounded by such very busy truck routes/fast heavily trafficked avenues.

Can anyone speak to this?


Thanks everyone for your comments. Alot of you raised valid points that I didn’t even consider. I know money will be the biggest factor. One of the main reasons I want to move is because I love to renovate houses and love the style of brownstones. With that being said I have looked into the real estate prices for brownstone ownership and know that is not obtainable on my budget. But I would be happy just living in one of these beauties w/out actually owning it. Can anyone suggest another NY city that offers stately brownstones at more affordable prices where owning a car is not so much of an inconvenience?
To my credit I do have a 5 bedroom home here in PA with a lot of equity that I am hoping will finance my move.
I totally agree with exploring all the neighborhoods before I make my move. I have rented a garden apt in Park Slope on a few occasions on a daily basis and it was ideal. However I found it hard to find an arrangement like that in another neighborhood, can anyone suggest any daily/furnished rentals?
Thanks to all you Brooklynites (native or adoptee) for your help, I’m sure I’ll be asking more of you in the future.