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Quality of Life

Pigeons are making a loud messy home in our cornice and their droppings are a disgusting coating on our stoop.

Can anyone recommend a good service to remove the pigeons and close off the cornices (until we can have them properly refinished).


Hello everyone,
We are considering leaving our Clinton Hill condo for a brownstone in Bed-Stuy (owner duplex with garden rental). If you have done this… What do you feel are the pros and cons? Do you miss the “C” train or Ft. Greene park? What are your neighborhood restaurants and grocery stores? Is it easy to rent your apt? Any thoughts, concerns, joys, and pains you can share are very welcome.



I have a townhouse next to mine that has been abandoned for several years, but has seen many different squatters move in again and again. Research on the home shows a foreclosure lien filed by US Bank.
Who is responsible to get them out and brick-up the place? The bank? The owners?

How do I get them out once and for all?


I keep reading about a Cancer Cluster on Devoe St. but I can’t find any specifics. There is some talk about it here:

Does anyone know about this and are there any theories as to why Devoe st? I live on this street and would like to know more.


Hi folks, long time lurker and first time poster here that would greatly appreciate your insight/advice on an on going problem I’m experiencing with National Grid. On multiple occasions I’ve smelled gas in my basement and in front of my house. I’ve called them, they’ve come out and upon inspection have confirmed that gas was leaking from the street into my home. They alleged to have repaired the problem but the problem persists. They’ve gone so far as to dig a huge hole in my front yard (needless to say they cannot confirm when they will be back to fill the hole), they brought workmen to my street to rip up the street to get to the problem and yet the problem persists. What if any is my course of action with National Grid to get them to address the problem on a larger scale to truly fix the problem. Constantly smelling gas in front of my home is leaving me with an unsettling feeling and of course leaves me concerned for the safety and well being of myself and my family and my adjacent neighbors. Is there some other action I should be taking to get National Grid to address this issue and truly fix the problem?

Help! My family is staying in Sty Heights, Brooklyn for 3 days this weekend. We are unfamiliar with this neighborhood and am concerned about parking. We will be staying in the 200 block of Bainbridge Str Fri thru Monday the 18th. Can anyone provide some insight on the parking situation? Is street parking easy to find? If we have to walk from our car at night is it relatively safe? Can anyone recommend a good pay lot nearby? What is the schedule for the street cleaner? Thanks!


A week ago the single breaker for my apartment kept tripping and would not reset as of 4 days ago. The landlord finally got the super to come yesterday. He replaced the breaker and checked most of the outlets (finding one that had exposed wire possibly arcing) which he replaced, however the breaker still will not hold. The building is old and we have had many other problems in the past, but I am not interested in having a fight with the landlord … I am a single mother with a 2 year old and I can not afford to move right now. But after my pleas to get a licensed electrician to figure out the problem, I only get the super again today who is now looking at the lighting fixtures, etc. I am annoyed and upset with all of this… mostly the lack of refrigerator, and living by candle light. What can I do? How do I “demand” that my landlord fix this?

Thanks so much for any help.


Anyone who read my other post in the renovation forum knows that we are looking to buy in Bed Stuy. We are trying to choose between a huge 4 story house (20×45) near Stuy Heights that is to be “fully gut renovated” by a developer (we choose the layout) and a beautiful 3 story (20×50) brownstone near the Gates J train stop that has been wonderfully preserved (all original details) and renovated by the owners.

If it was just myself and my husband, we would go for the beautiful 3 story out near the J train, but we have two small toddlers (twins, no less) and I worry about how much access (meaning walking distance) to amenities I would have out there when I must tote two toddlers along with me everywhere I go. I worry I might feel stranded, with only Broadway serving as the main artery of amenities and being so far away from the A train. I am also concerned about being in school district 16 vs. school district 13.

Does anyone live out that who might be willing to share their experiences – how do you fare in regards to amenities? Where do you go to shop (is organic hoping for too much?) Where do you send your kids to school? Where is your doctor, dentist, etc.?

Thanks in advance to anybody who can provide some insight on this matter. It is an agonizing decision, because we love this house so much . . .