Plans for a mixed use building at 29-07 Queens Plaza North filed with DOB


    Image source: Wired NY

    Looks like a plan exam is in for the property 29-07 Queens Plaza North, according to the Department of Buildings. Plans were filed on 11/20/12 At one point in the past it looked like a 23 story hotel by Ashihara architects was in the works but now it looks like a 31 story mixed use building is potentially going to go up there. The plans indicate it will be 179,288 square feet (107,007 square feet residential, 72,281 commercial) in size. 61 enclosed parking spots are also in the plans.

    It looks like this property is just to the right of the building that is home to Q4 Hotel, a hostel with pretty cheap rates (in the double digit realm) – see top photo. Their address is 29-09 Queens Plaza North

    DOB Records indicate that the Applicant of Record is one of the partners of Handel Architects, Michael Arad. This firm is behind such beloved structures as the High Line in Manhattan, the Fifth Street Farm green roof on the LES, and they’re also involved with Greenpoint Landing, that huge swath of land on the Greenpoint waterfront.

    There is no indication of this development on the Handel Architects website, but that’s understandable, since the plans are yet to be approved (approval process is pending). Drawing plans are listed in the DOB file, but are unavailable online. We’ll keep an eye on this property.

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