Checking in on the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Reno


Last night the developers of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, who are turning the landmark into a banquet hall and museum, made a presentation to Community Board 1 regarding their desire to replace the existing arched windows on the east, west, and south facades of the building. The owners intend to replace all the existing glass and replicate the stone lattice work around the windows. CB1 supported the application and the LPC will hear the proposal at next Tuesday’s meeting. As for the rest of the renovation, a rep said “it’s going very well.” Some members of the board had questions about how financially viable the museum plans are. “But what’s the main purpose of the space?” asked one board member. “Where will the money primarily come from?” The developers conceded the building would mainly be used as an events space. Details concerning the museum – like admission price, types of artwork, and if it would be open to the public – are undecided as of yet. Specifics on where parking will be located are also undecided. The restoration has been in progress for almost a year now.
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