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I’m trying to figure out how to help my tenant have tv in her room. In her room, there is a cable line. She doesn’t want cable, but wants just regular tv (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS etc) so she plugged her tv into that cable and nothing happened. She is telling me (and i have some friends who have done this) that you should be able to use that cable line to get those channels, but its not working.

My question is, is that true? Is that how people get those channels? I was under the impression that people who did that were lucky that it worked, but it wasn’t a guaranteed way to get television.

If this is how its supposed to work, then I guess I need to find someone to figure out what the problem is with that cable wire, right?

If this is not the standard way to get these channels, what is? How can she get these channels?


Just wanted to say that Eddie Rivera and his crew from Home Media Bliss are top-notch!!! I interviewed a number of people for a home theater / network setup, and Home Media Bliss found things and had suggestions and solutions that their competitors overlooked. Eddie put together a top-notch system — hdtv, multizone sonos, game system, speakers, and a killer remote to control it all — within our budget. He also worked his magic and was able to find fixes when some unforeseen construction work created some obstacles that we had not anticipated.

He doesn’t push projects or systems, offers a variety of alternatives, has a very nice eye for detail, and has a great attitude.

I would definitely recommend Home Media to anyone and everyone. They are thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work with!

Their website is:

If you want more info, just email me at


I’m about to close on a coop that asked me not to install a satellite on the roof for fear of damage with drilling and all. This is totally reasonable as it is a small coop and the roof was recently been replaced at great cost and I would not want there to be any damage as well. My question is what solutions have others found that is non invasive to the roof or building. Cement bucket? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!


We finally decided to pull the plug and disconnected the IO TV last month. It seemed pretty simple, called the disconnect department and then I returned the cable tv box to their store the next day.
Two weeks later to my surprised I still see the IO TV service in my account. I called their billing dept and they said a tech has to stop by to do something in my backyard. Alright, simple enough. The service appt was for 3/2/11 and we were home. We did not hear the door bell or receive any phone. A couple of days later I called and the customer service lady said the tech could not gain access since its private property. I asked why did the tech bother ringing the door or calling. She had no respond. Another service appt set for 3/14. I told the cust. service rep to note to ring the door. Today, we were home again and phone call or door bell. I just got off the phone with Cablevision and the tech put the same note: Private Property no access.

I feel like I’m being held ransom. I’m still being charged the $70 for the IO TV even though I returned the box. I’m doing my part waiting for the tech and still nothing. Anyone dealt with something similar or know how I can get this resolved. It is beyond upsetting.


My leftover construction supplies can be your gain.

50′ of Carlon Resi-Guard 2″ conduit. Ideal for connecting your wiring closet to your media center, or for future proofing all your wiring. Used a lot in my house, but have some left.

This goes for about $70 plus semi-obnoxious shipping costs.

Can be yours for $20 if you pick up in Bay Ridge.

Email Phillip at pupmans DOT pub AT gmail DOT com.


We mounted a LCD television above our unused fireplace. The wires hanging down are very unsightly. So, we were thinking of drilling through the masonry behind the television, to hang the wires down through the chimney flue. The cables would attach to our PS3 and cable box, which we’d place in the fireplace hearth.
(Obviously, we dont’ use the fireplace.)

Is this safe? And/or, will it work?


The apartment we moved into has a Slim Line DirectTV dish mounted on the roof. We are not using DirectTV and would love to give the dish to someone who has the tools and would be willing to take it off the wall and take it away. We are on Bond St between Douglass and Degraw. I have apicture but could not get it to load to the site. Will be happy to e-mail it to you. Would this be something in which anyone might be interested?


Hi All,
Seeking an Audio-Visual Consultant to help us wire some flat-screen TVs and a stereo system with built-in speakers. Any recommendations will be helpful. Thanks in advance!


I’m trying to find a reputable TV repair place near Bay Ridge, but finding it hard to sort out the shady places from the reliable. Everything on Yelp, Citysearch, etc seems to be rated around 1 – 2.5 stars and I’ve had a few of those places turn me down because Bay Ridge is too far for in home service.

I’ve got a 42″ LCD TV in dire need of repairs before the extended warranty expires in two weeks. Any recommendations?


Time Warner Cable missed my appointment this morning. Trying to get them to make up for it, and came later this afternoon, I was told that they wouldn’t guarantee. but if they showed up, and I wasn’t home, they would charge me $40.

(Time Warner also claimed I missed the appointment, and that they called me. This is a complete lie — my cellphone record will prove it. And i waited by the window, by my door for two hours.)
Since I found the possible payment of $40 unacceptable, and I had to get to work, I asked to reschedule. They offered an appointment for next week (after having already waited 1 week for this appointment.)

I am pretty fed up, and want to talk to someone there with some power to do something. Does anyone have a contact?