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Kitchen & Bath

Greetings Brownstoners,
I wrote here a while back seeking some advice regarding a bathroom updating. Most people recommended that we go all the way and gut renovate, and in the grand scheme my wife and I ended up agreeing. So we posted here, sought contractors and proposals, and ultimately chose Damian Sherlock of Sherlock Homes. I thought I’d share my experiences, and I’m happy to answer questions others have.

I would highly recommend Damian and his team for a few reasons:

Price – they came in right in the middle of the range we settled on (7-9k), which was modest based on the fact that we’re selling soon. When all was said and done, we ended up at the high end, but this was entirely our choice. There was never any pressure applied, and the quote never changed on Damian’s end.

Quality – the work is really good. There are minor quibbles, but no major issues. Given the horrendous condition of the bathroom beforehand, we were impressed. New walls, tub, toilet, tiles…they were even able to get us an extremely small toilet to fit our space on one day’s notice. Good work done for the given price over the given timeframe. the only real complaint we had was that the workers punched a few small holes in our living room floor, but they came back, filled, and stained the area. I should also note that Damian did not think his guys caused the holes. Nevertheless he said repeatedly that they would come back until I was happy. By the end of the process, I definitely was.

Accessibility – several of our friends complained of contractors who started but didn’t finish work, or wandered off job sites for weeks at a time. We had several contractors no show the estimate, which is not good for word of mouth. Damian was accessible via text message, even for questions that could charitably be described as clueless (me via text: “The grout doesn’t look even.” Damian: “They haven’t grouted yet”). There were times that I texted him while buying materials. I felt like a pain in the ass, but when you’re spending thousands of dollars you can’t worry about being annoying.

Overall, it was a really good experience, and if I was going to do additional work, I would call Sherlock Homes first. And if they were booked I would wait. They were ready to do the work a few days after our initial meeting, and again, they completed the job on budget and on time.


I am looking to have my bathroom re-grouted.
Anyone have a recommendation other than Rob Marra (he was very flaky in terms of keeping appts and completely unresponsive in terms of follow-up). Its a pretty straight-forward job.


Hi, Does anyone have any rec’s for granite and/or marble countertop supplier? Thoughts on price per square foot? Am I correct in thinking that I am better off avoiding Home Depot?


I want to replace the existing doors on some kitchen cabinets (which are actually in the bathroom) and add some doors to cabinets which do not currently have doors. Any recommendations for the best way to do this to get matching veneer for the sides and the front side of the boxes so that they match the doors? any advice appreciated


I have a bathroom full of baby blue tile that is intact but (to my eye, anyway) less than attractive, complete with blue tub and toilet. I’ll be replacing the cheap vanity and upgrading the lighting but I have no budget for retiling and I can’t DIY. I’m renoing my apartment on a shoestring and so will have to live with a lot of compromises but this one really grates. With a 5 year horizon, what would be best–learn to love the blue or reglaze the tile?


We’ve just completed a full gut renovation of a our kitchen and an adjoining bathroom in our 1901 townhouse.
We found so many of our trades and suppliers here on brownstoner, so i’m excited to spread the good word on a few.

Mentor Frangu / Altina Tile Care – 917-692-6234
Mentor was recommended by a few people around here. We got 4 bids and Mentor’s was one of the lowest…we got such a good vibe from him and wanted someone trustworthy since we weren’t going to be around during the day…he did an amazing job! he is the nicest most conscientious, trustworthy person, and didn’t nickel and dime us for every little (or big) change.
he brought many suggestions and ideas, especially when the demolition revealed cut beams and a host of other problems. He dealt with our architects and other trades in the kindest most respectful manner and was always available when he was needed. He was on site every day with his 2 workers, cleaned up before they left, and doesn’t work on multiple jobs at the same time.
I trusted them all totally. We had a 2 week break in our renovation when various materials were late… i was never worried that he wouldn’t come back to finish everything out. If something was incorrect he gladly fixed it without a fuss.
I feel so lucky to have found him. he and his guys were a true pleasure to work with!

M&N High Tech 646-226-4575
The most promp/ontime trade i’ve ever dealt with and a truly good guy as well. a total professional and does great work to boot.



My bath tub has seen better days, it was reglazed at least once I am sure (not by me) and I am not looking forward to ripping the old one out and replacing lots of tile and making a giant expensive mess. The rest of the bathroom is in good shape and needs no work. Does anybody here have experience with drop-in tubs? Do I understand right they simply fit over the existing one?


Hi, We have inherited a stained cement vanity top. I have done some DIY cleaning and sealing directions, and would love to know if anyone has experience w/this and/or recs. for a company or person skilled in cleaning and sealing concrete counter tops.