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There were a few post back in 2009 regarding the potential for utilization of geothermal heat pumps. Back then little was being done for various reasons. Does anyone out there have any new info on who might be able to permit & install one? The lot is vacant. The projects less than 3000 SF so the system would be rather modest. I’m assuming that the system would carry a cost of double a conventional system.


Hi all:

Has anyone ever had problems with (white) mold in your home and clothes. I have a dehumidifer, but it’s not working – should I call in a professional, actually where would I find a professional for this problem


I have a load of used plant containers. I clean them & stash them in the hope that there’ll be recycling of #6 sometime. There are 2, 4 & 6 inch pots, little multiple trays, etc. Any idea who might want them for free?


Please see the response I have received regarding the tape around the seven trees in Saratoga Park

Good Morning. My staff is looking into this matter as I type, u will have the reason why! Thank you for letting me know your Council Member Mealy

From: James, Vincent
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 11:44 AM
To: Mealy, Darlene
Subject: RE: Saratoga Park

Darlene, according to Martin Maher, Chief of Staff, Brooklyn, regarding the 7 trees in Saratoga Park that have caution tape around them and a yellow dot spray painted on them, were marked as a precautionary measure to rope off the area because of a hanging tree branch that was in danger of falling. The Parks Department is out there this morning removing the hanging tree branch.

The only tree scheduled to be removed is a dead Norway Spruce by the bathrooms. All work should complete today.



Passing through the park on the way to the elevated this morning, saw about seven trees that had “caution” tape wrapped around them and a yellow dot spray-painted on each.

Did not see any Parks Dept. staff to ask, but thought maybe someone on Brownstoner might know what this all means for these trees?

I own a semi detached house and on the detached side of the home, there is an open lot owned by the neighbors to the right of it. So my house borders one side of the empty lot and their house the other side. They have tons and tons of garbage littered throughout the lot, and have for years. They clean it up occasionally, but never removing all the junk. I happened to look outside this evening and they’ve decided to go on one of their cleaning jaunts, and have HUGE piles of debris and garbage piled 6+ feet high and have it all leaning on/resting on my building. I realize my property ends at the side of my building, BUT I don’t understand how its legal for them to have all this junk piled up against my property. I just spent thousands on repairing and fixing the side of my home in the end of 2009. All this debris brings bugs, rodents, not to mention all the moisture thats being trapped between their garbage and the wall of my building. Is there anything I can do?


I’ve been considering houses in the Park Slope side of Gowanus. Specifically, around 9th-13th streets between 4th and 3rd avenues. Several people have mentioned flooding as a concern over there, but I don’t see any signs of it in the houses I’ve seen (though I understand they don’t have basements for this reason) — can anyone speak to this? Has anyone had trouble getting a mortgage or insurance b/c of this?



I am looking for recommendations for specific brands of lead encapsulating paints for walls, trim etc – spots where there’s no friction or movement potentially causing dust creation.
Sorry if this has been covered but searching around couldn’t find anything specific.

Also, I don’t know if such things even exist but if there are some with lower toxicity/fumes etc I’d love to hear about them.



I’m looking for recommendations for a competent and certified lead abatement specialist in Brooklyn. We have some issues to address in our brownstone that likely will involve some safe stripping and repainting of some areas, and dust cleanup in others. I searched the archives but didn’t find much. Thanks in advance.


Can anyone recommend a lead inspector/testing company in Brooklyn? I am looking to test interior paint and some exterior surfaces.

Bonus points for a good honest company – one that makes most of its money on testing, not on remediation, or one that inspected your place and did NOT recommend its own remediation services.