Please see the response I have received regarding the tape around the seven trees in Saratoga Park

    Good Morning. My staff is looking into this matter as I type, u will have the reason why! Thank you for letting me know your Council Member Mealy

    From: James, Vincent
    Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 11:44 AM
    To: Mealy, Darlene
    Subject: RE: Saratoga Park

    Darlene, according to Martin Maher, Chief of Staff, Brooklyn, regarding the 7 trees in Saratoga Park that have caution tape around them and a yellow dot spray painted on them, were marked as a precautionary measure to rope off the area because of a hanging tree branch that was in danger of falling. The Parks Department is out there this morning removing the hanging tree branch.

    The only tree scheduled to be removed is a dead Norway Spruce by the bathrooms. All work should complete today.


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    1. Thanks, Vincent! I appreciate your looking into this. Didn’t think to contact a council member. What a relief!