Trees in Bed-Stuy’s Saratoga Park Marked?


    Passing through the park on the way to the elevated this morning, saw about seven trees that had “caution” tape wrapped around them and a yellow dot spray-painted on each.

    Did not see any Parks Dept. staff to ask, but thought maybe someone on Brownstoner might know what this all means for these trees?

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    1. When USDA inspectors checked my back yard for Asian Long-horned beetles a few months ago they told me that there had been some sightings in BedStuy earlier in the year. I hope that’e not the reason for the markings.

      BTW they identified a tree in my backyard as an elm; I didn’t know what it was previously. Fortunately. no ALBs.

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    3. You might be interested in Trees Near You, a free iPhone app based on the NYC tree census:
      Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to make out the details in your photo, but my impression is that they’re elm, some few cultivars of which are disease tolerant or resistant and continue to survive throughout the city.

    4. I don’t know what kind of trees they are. I didn’t think there were any elms in NYC that survived Dutch Elm Disease except on Manhattan.

    5. Are those elms? If yes, they could be marked for Asian Longhorned Beetles or Dutch Elm disease, which would be a tragic loss.