Lead Inspectors/Testing


    Can anyone recommend a lead inspector/testing company in Brooklyn? I am looking to test interior paint and some exterior surfaces.

    Bonus points for a good honest company – one that makes most of its money on testing, not on remediation, or one that inspected your place and did NOT recommend its own remediation services.

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    1. i second luke! he did a great job for us, …my son had tested high for lead. luke took care of us.

    2. perfect, thank you! ordinarily i like to shop around, but i don’t feel like messing around with this one.

    3. Here’s what you’re looking for:


      Luke doesn’t even do remediation, so you won’t get the pressure of upselling those services. He’s just a guy (parent) who got involved in lead testing through being a father. He’s a smart guy, good at what he does, knows a lot about the subject, and is a great resource for consultation. He did a bunch of tests for us, indoor and out. Nice guy too.