Lead Encapsulant Recs?


    I am looking for recommendations for specific brands of lead encapsulating paints for walls, trim etc – spots where there’s no friction or movement potentially causing dust creation.
    Sorry if this has been covered but searching around couldn’t find anything specific.

    Also, I don’t know if such things even exist but if there are some with lower toxicity/fumes etc I’d love to hear about them.


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    1. Ah okay, I meant i didn’t know if one that didn’t smell too bad existed.. i know the encapsulants exist.

      Question: I’ve been told to use Zinsser Bullseye primer for this, but it doesn’t appear to be rated for sealing lead. Does anyone know anything about this, or why it would be suggested over a lead encapsulant made specifically for that purpose? My instinct is to think that if it was adequate for covering lead Zinsser would say that…

      thanks for any guidance : )
      much appreciated.

    2. Lead encapsulating does exist. I used it about 10 years ago but, do not remember the brand. I think I got it at home depot.

      I just remeber it had a white label. I don’t remember it smelling any worst than other paints. You have to put on a fairly thick layer of paint. It comes with a tool to measure the thickness of the layer.