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We are looking for a sound or acoustical engineer to help us dampen the sound of the piano in our daughter’s apartment (apartment building with elevator, thin walls and ceilings). Does anyone have experience with this process?


Can any one share their recent personal recommendation and contact info of their favorite engineer? Someone to help me and has experience in mutli-family code issues.


We’re very actively house hunting, and may have a place we want inspected by an engineer. Can anyone tell me what we could expect to pay for that?

And then, recommendations? I’d like someone who might be interested in thinking through possible changes -eg if we walk around and they tell me a) is it safe, full of asbestos, whatever, and b) are my ideas about how I might renovate crazy, or doable? and ballpark what it might cost to do what I think?

Is that what the engineer typically does?

Thanks everyone!



I am looking for recommendations for a structural engineer that has experience planning for a new construction in Brownstone Brooklyn. The project would potentially involve underpinning a neighboring townhouse.

We will also need a geo-technical engineer (to do soil samples and help assess the situation), so if anyone has a separate recommendation for that as well, both are greatly appreciated.


Hi – I’m 3/4 way thru a gut reno and we are in need of a structural engineer who is used to working with Bkln DOB. We need to amend our plans to add a small roof deck + our arch will hand over CAD files so they can amend. I spoke with a structural engineer in Mnhtn who agreed to take it on, but I’d prefer that one in Bkln get involved so s/he is aware not only of deck requirements, but also stairs leading up to it. Thanks.



We need an engineer to come look at our brownstone. There seems to be more “settling” or movement around the stairwell than I am comfortable ignoring so I am looking for an expert who can come look at the situation and tell me a) is there an issue that needs to be addressed and b) if so, how it should be addressed. We are about to start some renovation work and ideally if I need something done I would do it at the same time.

Would love referrals and recommendations from the collective wisdom of fellow brownstoners.


I am on the board of a coop in Bay Ridge. We have had waterproofing issues over the last four years (at least).

The Board has decided to hire someone to examine the entire building and let us know everything that needs to be addressed in the short and longer term.

My question is should this be an Engineer or an Architect?

I would think a licensed engineer would be the right person, but I am not sure…

Anyone work with someone that does this kind of work? What was that like? All advice appreciated!