Engineer for Inspection?


    We’re very actively house hunting, and may have a place we want inspected by an engineer. Can anyone tell me what we could expect to pay for that?

    And then, recommendations? I’d like someone who might be interested in thinking through possible changes -eg if we walk around and they tell me a) is it safe, full of asbestos, whatever, and b) are my ideas about how I might renovate crazy, or doable? and ballpark what it might cost to do what I think?

    Is that what the engineer typically does?

    Thanks everyone!

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    1. I’ve used John Gromkoski @ Precise Home Inspection Services. (718) 514-3393

    2. our engineer did give us approximate prices to repair the things he noticed that needed repair (eg, chimney lining, etc) but ball park renovation #s would be a contractor/architect.

      many architects will look at property with you on spec

    3. I recently used Danny Isla of Isla engeneering. Don’t have his number on me but I believe there have been posts on him before, I think it was $800.

    4. An engineer would be able to answer question a, and maybe even b, but for the latter, if the changes are serious, I’d suggest bringing in an architect. There have been a few discussions lately about architects who will visit a house a potential buyer is looking at.

      I often meet a person at a house pre-purchase, for free if that person is strongly interested in the house, and is planning on making an offer. I’ll give a basic verbal impression of the house and discuss design options.

      If the buyer wants a written estimate, then I’ll charge a small fee for that, as it represents a significant amount of time outside of the site visit.

      For more on this discussion, go to: and

      Jim Hill, RA, LEED AP
      Urban Pioneering Architecture

    5. We have used Richard Perri (Professional Home Inspection Corp. – 718.828.9116) — twice (lost the first home to a last-minute bidder). He’s knowledgeable and spent several hours with us answering questions similar to those I suspect you’ll have (maybe not renovation costs but certainly (a) and (b). Cost- $900 for a 3500 sq ft home and $1000 for a 4500 sq ft home. Good luck!