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    I would ideally like to get central AC installed before this summer. I live on the top floor of a brownstone in a landmark neighborhood. I’ve have heard different ideas about what does / does not need to be done. We’ve been told that the work can start right away and the opposite, that we need to get an architect to do landmark filing and work permits which will take a while before we get anything started.

    In terms of units, I’ve been told to put the AC package on the roof and then also heard that the weather proofing related to that can be really tricky and that it is not recommended and we should pu the unit. I like th eidea of a package on the roof, but certainly don’t want a leaky roof.

    Do you have an AC package on your roof? How has hat worked out? Any recommendations of folks to work with? Both AC and roofers?

    In terms of architects, how do they need to be involved? Do you have any recommendations?

    Any other advice is appreciated, too.

    Many thanks!


      Okay, I know this topic has been discussed many times over the years, but technology and views change, and I am about to drop some signficant coin doing one or the other of these options for a 4,000 sq ft, 11-12 ft ceiling single floor loft, so I would love some recent views/experiences/thoguhts and recommendations.

      In the abstract, the city-multi idea is appealing to us if for no other reason than that we are not at home all day and most of the week the main if not only need for a/c is just in our bedroom. There are three baths + laundry room spread out across the floor so condensate drains are relatively simple.

      Of course, we do not want those visable indoor wall units, so this would need to be done by tucking equipment in closet or bathroom ceilings. The rest of the apartment has exposed beams (which means some solution will be needed to hide electric and refrigerant lines, presumably easier in the ducted system since they can be run above ducts).

      And, for what it is worth, the compressors need to be hung on an outside rear wall, and the apartment is 100+ feet long. We could go to the roof 6 floors up but I assume that would add greatly to the cost (I am petitioning some neighbors to join in, but so far no takers).

      Any thoughts much appreciated.


        We are thinking about putting the external unit under our deck and I was just wondering how much heat this will give off in the summer. Is this a stupid idea?


          I’d like to use my detached garage workshop all year round. Now it’s stifling in summer, and mostly unusable in winter. Is there a combination heat/air conditioner unit that I could maybe mount on the roof, or in the wall, that would make the space at least more comfortable? Or is my only choice to go with a space heater and window air conditioner? The garage is about 20 X 22, made of cement block.


            Based on recommendations here we called up Fred with Rumba Air to do a small minspilt/ductless installation. Initially, he was fantastic — very professional and seemed very fair. He also drew up some very detailed plans. BUT, when the time came for the project, he increased the price by over 30%. When I (gently) pointed this out to him and asked if there was something I was missing, he became VERY belligerent. He also gave a series of confused and improbable explanations for the increase (for instance, he cited the increase in the cost of copper. But the project only entailed about 15 feet of copper tubing). In the end, we went our seperate ways.

            I can HIGHLY recommend the guy we found to replace Freed — Chris Cosentino. He is very knowledgeable, charged a better price than Fred, and has a great personality — laid back but with a great attention to detail. His contact info:
            (347) 981-9753


              I own a flat roofed row how that gets extremely hot in the summer. I have been advised to install attic vents on my roof. I am having trouble figuring out which product would be best: 1) a solar powered vent fan by Solatube that costs about $550 each 2) wind driven ventilator , which is about $100 each 3) or a solar/wind combination ventilator. My concern is that the solar-powered fan will only work during the day and when the sun goes down the attic will begin to heat up again. Any advice would be most helpful.