A/C Compressors Location


    We are finishing up our renovation in Carroll Gardens and have a question regarding the placement of the A/C compressors.
    We are installing a Fujitsu ductless system and have three compressors cooling 4 floors. From our understanding, the compressors need to be 8 feet from the property line. How can we do this if we have an 18.75 ft wide property? Any recommendations how to do this? We were thinking to place in the garden area in the back away from our tenant’s apartment. Our architect is against mounting against the back wall of the building due to vibration, however I think this would be the easiest. We can’t install on the roof for various reasons. Thanks…

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    1. Hi Vin, Thanks so much for answering the question. Sounds like we’re starting what you’ve now mostly completed- reno of 4 story house that is not a gut but in various palces, close to it. If you’d be open to having a conversation about your process, can you drop me an e-mail at rufinal at gmail dot com? Thanks

    2. thinking about doin the same thing in my smaller town house. Who are using for the installation?

    3. Used to be allowed less with a noise control test. Sometiomes you can still get an ok from DOB.

    4. We did a similar renovation. We did not do a gut, but did a lot a major renovation to many of the walls. The property is a 3000 sq. foot, 4 floor townhouse. The cost was $21k for 3 Fujitsu compressors (36kbtu 24kbtu, 18kbtu) and 8 indoor units. We also had to pay $3k for electrical work. The difficulty is creating the channel for the piping and draining the condensation. The issue with the compressor placement is a problem because we need to minimize the impact to the backyard.
      Let me know if you have any questions.

    5. We’re considering doing something similar (a ductless system to cool a 4 story brownstone with probably three compressors). We are not doing a gut reno but some walls and ceilings will need to be opened anyway. Can you tell me approximately how much it cost- the systems and installation? Thanks.

    6. Yes, whatever your architect says s/he can sign off on is what you should go with. Centered, adjacent to rear wall of house is one way to go and you could plant thick shrubs around it (not too close) to mask sight and noise.

    7. They’re usually just on a little pad on the ground… right? What am I missing here? Seems like you and your architect have been overthinking.

    8. I’d listen to your architect. I have one on the roof – on cross beams & padding – & one in the garden – on a concrete pad & again padded. They do set up vibrations & you might find it annoying & it might eventually undermine your masonry.