Quiet Window AC Unit?


    Can anyone recommend a small window unit AC (5000-10,000 BTU) that is really quiet? In particular, I’m looking for something that is quiet from the outside as well, as we can hear this AC running from our bedroom window and also from our back porch. I’ve read that Panasonics and Sharps are pretty quiet — does anyone have any experience with a specific model that is quiet from the outside? Thanks in advance!

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    1. I bought the Friedrich CP10 in 2009. It is the same unit Panasonic used to make. But, it is no longer a quiet AC. (It was pretty quiet when marketed by Panasonic.) Sounds like a truck. I now need to replace my 8000 btu Panasonic (which is really quiet)and don’t know what to do. Friedrich also sells it, but given the situation with the 10,000 btu, am pretty wary. PC Richards is recommending Friedrich’s x-star. Anyone have any info on its sound?

    2. @CMU Friedrich took over the Panasonic air conditioners. This explains why their window units are “relatively” cheaper.

    3. those Quite units i think people a referring to are actually fan power boxes so it only a fan but its piped to a remote condensor compressor somewhere its not a bad alternative to central air because yo can eliminate retrofitting ductwork in a renovatedd histork house and have essentially a zoned system since each room has a fcu with duct system you would need vavs which is a little much more residential.

    4. GE is bad (2 news ones bought 3 years ago, starting to hum and rattle).
      Frigidaire worse.

      I have a 10-year old Samsung that’s pretty quiet. But nothing really quiet for a bedroom.

      Panasonic does not make a/cs (here) any more, they were super-quiet.

      I think Freidrich is quieter because they’re quite a bit heavier (and more expensive) than others. Kuhl is ridiculously pricy.


    5. The Friedrich’s and Frigidaires are pretty quiet. A lot has to do with how they are installed. Many units tend to vibrate against the window. The compressor will always make noise. The fan will always make noise. There should be no excessive noise or rattling from any unit.
      I just sold and installed a Frigidaire 12k btu window unit to a customer. I would be happy to provide you with a noise reference. Call or email me at lcapland at gee mail dot com or 347-276-6528

    6. We’re getting two Kuhl units installed tomorrow. Expensive, but OH SO PRETTY!

      We’re getting a 28000 BTU installed with custom cut plexiglass. I can provide feedback after a few days of use.

      Dave Sugarman at Gringer sold them to us for a very fair price and he was super helpful, quick to respond and made the process so easy.

    7. Just bought two 10,000 btu’s LGs. They are not as quiet as the Panasonic and Friedrich( USA made )10,000’s they replaced. The LGs look more cheaply constructed than the units they replaced, but are supposed to be more energy efficient. I bought them at J&R Television on 7th Ave. Their price was competitive. The units were delivered and installed in a timely and professional way. Waiting to see how the do in peak heat and how long they last.

    8. We have two Sharps (~5 yrs. old), 2 diff. sizes but both under 10K BTU, and do NOT find them quiet at all. Keep thinking about replacing them, but have yet to find a strong recommendation for quiet*er* models–I’m pretty sure I posted this question on the forum a year or two ago, and the responses were that there really are no quiet window ACs (sigh)… Although I have heard that installation matters a lot, to minimize vibration against window frames, etc., so you might want to consider how yours are installed. (And please post if you *do* find a model you consider fairly quiet!)