Anybody have recommendations for the best & QUIETEST small window a/c unit available. Bedroom is less than 200 sq. ft. 5500-6000 Btu.

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    1. @Xistent – Honestly Frigidaire is the best bang for your buck. Friedrichs will produce a bit more CFM. An air conditioner is a 3 month appliance (for the most of us). When its 90 degrees for 3 weeks all you care about is the inside temp 🙂
      The X -star is certainly all around better. Is it worth investing in? Not in my opinion. If you are paying $500 for a 5000 btu then you can probably also afford a ductless split unit which is the way to go.

      Just my ac cents

    2. levicapland- which brand/unit do you prefer? is the price difference for the X-star justifiable? features seem the same. I know the X-star is made here and the lower line overseas, but is there a quality difference?

    3. Friedrich isn’t that expensive compared to Frigidaire. In fact Friedrich units are also made in Asia. The lower end Friedrich units took over Panasonic air conditioners. Your not getting that much more for your money.

    4. Personally I’d never buy a Frigidaire brand, and I find it hard to believe anything that cheap can be quiet (mine was terrible). There’s a reason Frederich is expensive and quiet.

      cipster, where did you find a ‘noise rating?’ even Consumer Reports did not have them 2-3 years ago.

    5. Funny you should ask… I just picked up two today at Lowes. Based on reviews in Consumer Reports (and the size requirements, etc.) I chose the Frigidaire 6500 BTU model. The noise ratings were pretty good and online user reviews were excellent.

      Price was $151 but since it is Energy Star rated you can get $30 back from Con Ed via their website.

      Stay cool.