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Looking for recommendations for skilled handyman who will work for reasonable rates by the day/hour. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Anybody have recommendations for the best & QUIETEST small window a/c unit available. Bedroom is less than 200 sq. ft. 5500-6000 Btu. Thanks

Beautiful hearty table built with reclaimed wood, steel legs and finished with tung oil. Moving, must sell! 72"x 36" x 31" $1750 OBO

    Does anybody have any experience with this type of AC? Considering putting these in a couple of rooms.

    I have been reading the forum on this subject and it's not easy to make a decision. Obviously there are companies like Chubb that...

    I am considering buying rolled bamboo fence to put over a chain link fence as an easier way to create some privacy and enhance...

    I posted the other day asking for suggestions for an inexpensive stairway from parlor floor to garden floor that won't be an issue for...

    I am considering removing an old wooden deck on a 1 family brownstone that enables access from back door (kitchen). I want to replace...

    I'm looking into homeowner's insurance for a landmarked brooklyn brownstone. Very interested too hear current feedback on Brownstone Agency. Anybody have any experience with...