Window ACs/BTU issues


    Our apt has an identical layout to the image I’ve attached, though a few feet bigger in all directions, and a pass-thru section between the kitchen and the living room. Our plan is to install 2 window ACs, one in the BR and one in the LR. The LR AC will need to compensate for the kitchen pass-thru and the BR AC will have to handle the bedroom door left open at all times. So, how many BTUs for each? I’m thinking slightly larger for the LR but I’m unsure about numbers.

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    1. I cannot say enough that FANS are the great friend of AC units. A standing fan or a wall fan or ceiling will help push or pull the cold air from the AC through the room. I was able to raise the temp on my AC. The fan on the AC unit is pretty wimpy as far as MPH go.

      Try putting a fan blowing towards your front door, and into the kitchen.

    2. You’ll need one in the kitchen for sure as well. And close the bedroom door when the AC is on in either the LR or BR but not in the other. Why would you need to leave it open?

    3. Thanks for the post. I put together a great ac buying guide. I will post it here. Call me if you have specific questions:

      Levi 347-276-6528

      Tip #1
      Buying an air conditioner should be based on the size of the room (not rooms) you are wanting to cool off. Do NOT buy an air conditioner solely based on your budget. Air conditioners have a residual expense which is called… electricity. The money you save up front will cost you a lot more per month in electricity bills. The objective of the air conditioner is to cool off your room as efficiently as possible. This way you minimize the electric usage. The harder and longer the air con needs to work to satisfy the thermostat, the more you will pay in bills. I call it “penny-wise, pound foolish”

      Tip #2

      I understand that many people recently moved into apartments that only will accept wall sleeve units. The price point of wall sleeve air conditioners comes as a surprise to most. Wall sleeve air conditioners are usually twice the price of window air conditioners. Do not attempt to put a window air conditioner in a wall sleeve. Wall sleeve units ONLY vent from the rear of the air conditioner. Window air conditioners vent from the sides, top, and back of the air conditioner. Putting a window unit in a wall sleeve will simply damage the air conditioner. Don’t do it.

      Tip #3

      To find out how many btu’s your room requires use the following basic formula. L x W x 35 or sq ft x 35.
      However there are factors that can effect this formula such as:

      High ceilings
      Living on the top floor of a building.
      Having a kitchen connected to the room you are trying to cool off
      A lot of sun exposure
      In such cases listed above you want to do the same formula x 45. The manufacturers do not take NYC apartments and lofts into consideration when they calculate btu’s. Manufacturers base their “cooling off area” on a standard room with 9 ft ceilings and average sunlight.

      Tip #4

      A room air conditioner is not central air. They are not designed to cool off 3 rooms. Cold air drops and has a difficult time moving through door ways. There is a reason why they are called “room air conditioners”. They are meant for a single room. Attempting to cool off several rooms with one unit will simply result in uber expensive electric bills. When I own ConEd I will advise otherwise.

      Tip #5

      Air conditioners are similiar to fans. Think of a small table top fan in a small room vs a large room. Larger rooms need larger fans and vice versa. Air conditioners work along the same lines. A small unit in large room wont do any justice. I am here to help you in making the right purchase.

      Tip #6 (the most important of them all)

      If you are in the market for an air conditioner please contact me. There is a link to a quote request form below.
      For pricing please fill out this basic form or call me 347-276-6528

    4. Actually thinking about the kitchen, you are going to have an issue when cooking even with a larger unit. Think about some drapes or even a door between the Entry hall and the LR, that will help. Otherwise you are going to need bigger than 12,000 for the LR even with no cooking.