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    I have central air/heat and am looking for a reliable and reasonably priced HVAC company, near Clinton Hill, to do maintenance.

    Any recommendations? Thanks.


      We moved into a recently renovated brownstone that does not have central air. We’d like to invest in a system and are trying to decide on the best one, both for cost, energy efficiency and performance/asthetics.

      We got a quote from All Mechanical for the Mitsubishi Ductless system and Space Pak that came out even for each system. Does anyone have any guidance on whether one is better than the other?

      The Mitsubishi units seem more energy efficient because it is zoned, but the downside is you have to change the filters every two weeks or so during peak usage. I don’t like being able to see the units, but they have models that can now be concealed behind vents.

      The Space Pak is appealing because it is invisible, and All Mechanical swears that when installed right, they don’t make a swooshing sound. We’ll still have to have some visible ductwork in our house though, which I’m not super thrilled about.

      Finally, I need to source one or two other quotes. Any references for good HVAC professionals?



        Will be renovating triplex in brownstone. It currently has forced air (heating), but I’ll be switching to baseboards. Don’t know whether to use the vents already there–or, just use slim jims? Also, has anyone ever used the Unico system? Thanks all.


          we are making an offer on an apartment where the lower level is a below grade rec room (probably about 80% below grade.) it has one small window. there are air conditioning units in each of the rooms upstairs, but not in the rec room. can someone who has experience living with a below grade space comment on whether or not it will stay cool during new york’s horrible hot summers? since the rec room will double as a guest room for our far away families, i want to be sure they will be comfortable during the summer. thanks!


            Anyone have/know about these units?
            Seems pretty sweet.


            We’re new to the window a/c population and research options for our first brownstoning summer.


              I’ve been getting estimates to install AC in a boiler heated house. Options seem to be ductless, high velocity and low velocity AC. I’ve ruled out ductless due to aesthetics. One contractor was promoting low velocity over high velocity systems since the high velocity ones consume lots of electricity and burn-out fans, motors rapidly since the motors are not variable speed and run all the time. Is this an issue?


                Here’s the dealy. Very much welcome any thoughts on what might be best approach.

                We occupy top two floors of 3-floor house. Tenants have bottom floor. I need to cool our space only. Maybe with potential to expand if we ever take over whole house – not a high priority. Have gone through pretty extensive renovations already and (perhaps incorrectly) didn’t bother with central air I’d love to do something that’s not too invasive. Standard story – top floor gets rather toasty in summer.

                A large window A/C does fine cooling bottom floor but looks tacky. Top floor is a different matter, especially since window units in each of three bedrooms isn’t physically practical.

                Been told that a whole house fan could cool things down a lot, that insulating the ceiling will cool and help in winter. Plus there’s those mister slim thingys that I don’t know too much about.

                Ideal solution wouldn’t be too intrusive. Plus I don’t think I need a ton of cooling power. Any thoughts on best approach? Thanks,


                  I recently bought a small row-house and need to determine how to aircondition it. For a while I figured I would install ductless, but, although I have not yet gotten quotes, I hear the total cost can be close to 20K, which I can’t afford. I could buy window airconditioners, but there are bars on the lower floor’s windows and I am wondering whether I can find something to fit. If not, perhaps I could get new bars with room for an airconditioner, but I am wondering how much changing the bars would cost. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

                  One other consideration is that the street is very noisy and I am thinking of trying to sound-proof or at least noise-abate the top-level bedroom. I am guessing a window airconditioner would let a lot of street noise in. Again, any thoughts on how to approach that would be appreciated. Perhaps I could keep that one in only during the summer and live with the street noise during those months.


                    I need to install an A/C ductless system with wall mounted blowers in my brownstone in Carroll Gardens. I need 3 blowers for the 3 ground floor bedrooms. The one quote I received for the industry leaders Mitsubishi+Fujitsu range from $8,000 to $8,500 for a tri-zone and $7,000 for 3 separate units.
                    I am looking for other quotes, alternative products, past experience. Also, can someone suggest a A/C contractor? Thank you.


                      We have an apartment in the back of a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights and need to replace our AC units. Right now we have three through-the-wall units. We are considering replacing them with a ductless system. We know this is a more expensive way to go and were wondering if anyone has any experience with the change? Also, does anyone know how the difference would affect the re-sale value of the apartment? Would the additional expense of the ductless pay off in the end?