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Rick - I have seen you post about brownstone blocks in Sunset Park. Can you please shoot me an email, guikazoid at hotmail dot...

A home we are interested in has an open plumbing violation from 1989. How can I go about obtaining more info about this?...

Community, When it comes to assessing the value of a property how accurate/confident do you think the NYC Finance Annual Notice of Property Value (

Community - I just made an offer on a house. The list price was 625 and we offered 530. They countered with...

Community - I was wondering if any of you live on 61st 2/3 ave or around that area. How is it during those...

Is it acceptable to pull out your digital camera and start snapping pictures at an open house? What has been the community's experience?

Community - I've got a question. My girlfriend's mother owns a home in Brooklyn. She has like 7 years left on the...

A link provided by a friend of mine about a development in Williamsburg.

Guys/gals - where can I find terra cotta roof shingles in Brooklyn? Something like the picture provided.

For the past few days there have been 2 police officers on every corner of 50-58th st between 3rd-5th ave in Sunset Park. ...