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Real Estate


Hi, all

We are thinking of buying an apartment (with lots of space and a huge private roof deck) on Dean Street in Prospect Heights (between Vanderbilt and Underhill). Our major reservation is the a large unknown: What will happen to the area during and after construction of Atlantic Yards? I keep hearing talk about two HUGE late night bars opening near A.Y., but are they even in this area? Is this something to be concerned about? Any thoughts/advice would be very welcome!



We are buying an apartment in the South Slope and have the opportunity to buy a parking space (for $30k). We don’t own a car, but think it makes sense for resale value (2 bdrm) and we can cover some costs by renting it. Does anyone know what value a parking space adds to a sale price in this neighborhood?


I’d like to refi my house but want to check out comps to see if any of the recent contracts have translated into sales that will affect my appraisal. does anyone know a cheap way to look at comps – i don’t really want to pay $50 for property shark!


My wife and I are moving from Las Vegas to New York in August. I was born in Harlem but have been away from NYC since 1988.

We want to rent a brownstone apartment in Stuyvesant Heights. A friend of ours owned a brownstone in the neighborhood and we thought it would be a nice area to live.

However, the information we get when we inquire about the area is 50-50. Half the people say it is a bad neighborhood and the other half say it is wonderful. Is Stuyvesant Heights a nice family area or is it an unsafe community better left alone? I hope to get responses to my question to help us decide what to do. Thank you.


RE: In Clinton Hill, the one that was house of the day a week or so ago (for $1,775mill): the listing has disappeared, does anyone know if it sold that quickly? Curious given the consensus (or griping!) that it was overpriced….


A home we are interested in has an open plumbing violation from 1989. How can I go about obtaining more info about this? Will a violation prevent us from closing on a house? Can we use this to justify a lower offer?



Hi, wise Brownstoners — We’ve been looking for a new place since January, but haven’t found anything yet. When we do, though, I’m wondering what the bidding strategy should be? Last time we were buying, it was 2004, so quite a different market.

These days, is it standard to bid below an asking price (by a certain amount)? I know there are many other factors (how much you want it, how well it’s priced, how many other interested parties there are, etc.) — but just wondering what the best strategy is in 2011. (Back in 2004, we knew we’d have to offer at ask or above for places we really loved to be in the running.)

Thanks in advance!