How will Atlantic Yars affect Dean Street (between Atlantic & Underhill)?


    Hi, all

    We are thinking of buying an apartment (with lots of space and a huge private roof deck) on Dean Street in Prospect Heights (between Vanderbilt and Underhill). Our major reservation is the a large unknown: What will happen to the area during and after construction of Atlantic Yards? I keep hearing talk about two HUGE late night bars opening near A.Y., but are they even in this area? Is this something to be concerned about? Any thoughts/advice would be very welcome!


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    1. I live pretty close to the footprint so perhaps you’ll think my opinions are just wishful thinking. But I’m not in total denial either and have been actively involved over the last 7+ years in community efforts to get some accountability from FCR regarding the development (please check out for more info). Do I wish the development wasn’t happening? Yes. It’s too over-scaled and professional sports facilities don’t mix well with residential neighborhoods and are a huge suck on public monies. Do I think it’s the end of the world? No. Prospect Heights is a very vibrant neighborhood with a great mix of brownstones, apt buildings (incl new construction), restaurants, bars and retail. It also has amazing amenities like the park, museum, library and subways. Real estate in NYC is truly block by block. There will be an impact for everyone in the area but you’ll be much better off btw Vanderbilt and Underhill than those living to the west of there. The big unknown is when the residential build-out will happen and what the ultimate size of it will be. Personally I don’t believe it will be as big as the original plans. On bad days, I might echo what Babs says above. But the more optimistic part of me says that the neighborhood will cope. I work two blocks from Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. I thought that would be a disaster and it’s not.

    2. Yes, why wouldn’t proximity to the largest single census tract in the US, with no additional necessary services such as schools, fire companies, or sewage systems, a few blocks from an arena attracting thousands of people, via public and private transportation, increase an apartment’s value? Right!

      And, of course, that increase in value will come by 2025 or so – in the meantime you’ll be living near Atlantic Lots, which may or may not ever transform into that census tract.

    3. Well, for a long time, Dean and Pacific between Vanderbilt and Carlton are going to be a gigantic parking lot — I think it’s supposed to hold 1000 cars? — and will be used for event parking for the arena and probably also construction worker parking the rest of the time. At some point in the future — no one knows when — it will become a bunch of big high rise. How big? No one knows for sure, but the plan is for it to be as big and dense as Trump City on the UWS. In between the first and second incarnations, it will be a big construction site.

      All that will be one block from you. Whether you buy or not would depend on how you feel about these prospects and also the uncertainty.

      On the upside, eventually, supposedly, your apartment would become more valuable. Maybe.

    4. Dean btwn vanderbilt and underhill? Thats a tough one, the stadium itself is all the way down on flatbush. As it is now the empty area behind the stadium is going to lay fallow for years. at worst it will become a parking lot. The two huge bars you mentioned are on flatbush. I dont think it will be that bad, if you love the place go for it.