DOB Violation


    A home we are interested in has an open plumbing violation from 1989. How can I go about obtaining more info about this? Will a violation prevent us from closing on a house? Can we use this to justify a lower offer?


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    1. This is what you do:
      Click on this link and enter your property address, look to the lower left if “Violations-DOB” has a “0” under column open. Mostly like if you have a “0” it will not affect you in anyway.
      If however you do have an open VIO with the Dept of Building you will most likely have to certify correction.
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    2. Is this the Sunset Park house or another one?
      Like myplace said, have your attorney advise you on this – contract should cover having violations closed. You wouldn’t want to take open violations in exchange for a lower number and have it hanging over your head. The bank may or may not close on the loan if it’s not cleared up.

    3. In my experience, open violations from years ago are not unusual. Your lawyer should be able to advise you on how to handle it but I doubt it would mean a break in price. It should be part of the contract though as in “all open violations must be resolved before closing.” Just be sure that whatever the open violation is about was adequately solved. That might be the bigger issue and should be considered in the inspection, and I guess, a possible impact on price.