Low Mortgage Rates, Homes Gone in a Week in North Shore: See the Brownstoner Webinar Video

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    In this video of a webinar you can view here, a real estate agent, lender and lawyer speak about the state of the market on the North Shore of Long Island, and how Port Washington, N.Y., and the surrounding Manhasset and Roslyn areas differ from New York City.

    New Yorkers who are considering making a move to the suburbs tuned into the free webinar, “Thinking of Moving to the North Shore?” last Thursday, July 2. The webinar is part of the Brownstoner Home Events series.

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    “There are lots of showings now that things have opened up a bit — but still no open houses,” said Alana Benjamin, Associate Real Estate Broker at Compass, who added that she’s seeing lots of appointments in what she calls a “delayed and amplification of the normally busy spring market.”

    Also participating was mortgage professional Domenick Biondi from Citibank, who spoke about the effect the all-time low mortgage rates are having on buying power. “Today the mortgage rates are 1 percent lower on a 30-year fixed than they were a year ago, which can change your buying power, it can get you from $70,000 to $100,000 more financing on the same payment, so people can look into different neighborhoods,” he said.

    Sponsors included Compass, Citibank, Abrams Garfinkel Margolis & Bergson, California Closets, and Buckley Country Day School.

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    [Photos via Compass]

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