House of the Day: 10 St. Felix Street

Although obviously in need of work to turn it into living space, this has got to be one of the coolest properties for sale we’ve ever seen. There’s tons of curb appeal (or will be, pending a fresh paint job), beamed ceilings, arched windows and doors, diagonal floors and three skylights in this seemingly untouched Fort Greene carriage house.

It’s commercial property with no residential certificate of occupancy, and it may have been vacant for many years. There was a vacate order in 1986, and it appears to have been owned by the City for more than two decades. The title passed to a bank in 2010; we wouldn’t be surprised to find there was a sale so recent it hasn’t yet hit public records.

The price was recently reduced from $1,900,000 to $1,700,000. (That’s about $809 a square foot.) We think it would make a great restaurant — or a home. What would you do with this place if it were yours?

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  • Awesome! That could be such a great home. But hot damn, $850+/- for unrenovated space.

  • I calculate it to be about 2,000 sq, ft.

  • and LOL to calling top of the front cornice a ‘deck’

  • I’ve been through this place… it would require a truckload of money and some serious DOB headaches to make this into a nice home.

    • i went to an open house here a few weeks ago. lamb is right, the place is a mess. the first level is basically a garage with concrete floors and exposed pipes etc everywhere and there is an extension in the back, who knows if its legal and it eats up the whole backyard. no kitchen, the bathroom seemed to be non functional (there was a tub) the only upside was that it had been raining that day and there seemed to be minimal leaking from the skylights.

      the broker told me there is a lot of unused FAR and that the block is not landmarked so they were looking for someone to move quick before that changes, which lead me to believe this is being marketed as a teardown. but at that price who the hell knows.

  • What a fab project for someone with the cash. But super close to the hospital. Get ready for ambulance sirens!

  • i am constantly getting this error

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    when i try to reload the page. wtf?

  • Right next to ambulances — way loud!

  • This makes me believe the end is nigh. I mean I am a beneficiary of this price explosion in Brownstone Brooklyn but to pay 1.7 million dollars for a garage is beyond me completely. It seems like a vanity project for someone with more money than brains.

  • More money than brains is right. Why is this even being posted as a House of the Day? It’s not a house, it’s a commercial property. The conversion will put taxes through the roof, and no grandfathering for a single aspect of renovation. Are there property tax liens, or liens that have been sold? Maybe not landmarked, but already calendared? Anyone who worries about sirens obviously never lived near a hospital. Ambulances rely on sirens in transit, rarely when entering or leaving.