House of the Day: 179 Park Avenue

This seems like such a cute house at such a good price for Brooklyn. We like Wallabout and we like the renovation, which features a steel and reclaimed wood staircase, teak hardwood floors, Carrera Carrara marble counters in the kitchen, and lacquer cabinets. All the mechanicals are new, as is the siding, windows, roof, and skylights. The whole nine yards! But the property has a potentially fatal flaw: It’s right on the BQE. Given the reputed dangers of car exhaust, it might work best as a rental or a place to own and live in for a few years rather than decades. It has a lovely outdoor space but we’re guessing you’ll hear traffic. For $999,000, what do you think of it?

179 Park Avenue [John van Amburg] GMAP


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  • mildredfierce

    Pretty on the inside, but the location is an absolute non-starter. I wouldn’t rent there, never mind pay a million clams to own there.

  • I agree. Only in NYC could a house basically on the highway expect to fetch a million bucks.

  • “Best as a rental”? As in, buy on the BQE and make big bucks as a landlord while your tenants suck tailpipes? No offense, but all the Carrera marble in Italy couldn’t tempt me to live in this location for a week. Being on the BQE isn’t a “potentially fatal flaw” – for an asthmatic, it would just be fatal, period.

  • I agree with Fiordiligi – and, once and for all, can we STOP calling “Carrara” marble (from the city) “Carrera”?!? – it makes me cringe!!!! The only Carrera I know is a PORSCHE!!!!! I thought this was a knowledgeable real estate website..
    Bianca aka Dorabella

  • Er, yes, I was quoting.

  • At least you avoid the mansion tax – but you have to wonder, is this really $1,000 away from a mansion?!?!?

  • mildredfierce

    Today’s anagram for “mansion tax” is “A Man’s Toxin.”

  • Broker here. Thanks Cate for hitting the highlights of 179 Park – the renovation is nice in the pictures, even better in person. Every space is carefully thought out, with stylish finishes and tons of light. But of course the back deck and yard are the piece de resistance. What the pictures don’t convey so well is the wonderful sense of peace an open space that comes from having no building on the rear lot line. Perhaps and open house/BBQ is in the cards.

    If this place were mine, I’d ask for $2000/month for the 1 BR rental and expect to get close if not full ask. I’d then be living in an amazing duplex two blocks from Fort Greene Park paying less than $3000/month out of pocket.

    As for the BQE, the roadway is elevated and doesn’t resonate as much. The sound is most noticeable in the front of the second floor, but the seller installed fantastic windows that block most of it. From the first floor, you hear next to nothing, and from the master bedroom it’s pure silence.

    But don’t take my word for it. Come see for yourself: we’re doing an open house this Sunday at noon. Hope to see you there!