Rental of the Day: 601 Vanderbilt Avenue

If you don’t mind a few modern touches, check out this two-bedroom, floor-through apartment on top of Pequenia, at 601 Vanderbilt Avenue. The renovation here doesn’t look half bad. But if the living room and kitchen share the same space (it’s hard to tell from the listing photos), we’d say that $3,400/month seems high.

601 Vanderbilt Avenue [BLS Realty] GMAP P*Shark

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  • No, not really – I’d pay it. I think you are out of touch with how hard it is to find a decent apartment. Without seeing a picture of the second bedroom, I’d say this one looks in way better shape than most, is in a great neighborhood with good access to to trains and restaurants, and has a W/D and central air in the place – the CA and W/D alone are worth the price.

    But then, having once had central air, like with having my first dishwasher years ago, I now want it everywhere, and regret having had to go back to window units in my current place. Besides cooling better, central air is also way more cost efficient to run – I was amazed that it only raised my electric bill as much as running one window unit previously did – and that for a 1200 sq ft place, kept comfortably cool.

  • Oh, that was the second bedroom, just the same bed in each. Bet it is rented.

  • it seems pricey for being on a busy intersection. if it were in a brownstone on a side street they could maybe get that price, but not here. this will sit empty for a while.

    • It’s NYC, people have no qualms about living on a busy intersection. And that particular intersection is pretty great if you want to live where the action’s at. 3400 seems high, but the concept of “Manhattan rents” seems outdated when you’re talking about a desirable BK location these days.

  • I’d say it’s “nice,” but for 3,400/mo I’d want outdoor space and a side-street. It’s not a rip-off, I don’t think. But I also wouldn’t rent it.

  • Based on this I may be raising the rent on my rentals in the area! I think it’s a crazy price, especially considering that it’s a walk-up….but maybe I should be thinking about this differently…..

  • The price is only high if the living room and kitchen share the same space? Odd, I think many apartment dwellers these days prefer having a kitchen that is open to the main living space.

    The price is high anyway, but so is everything these days.

    P.S. It’s Pequeña.

  • I actually think this seems like a deal for a fully renovated 2BR in the area. Not a great deal, but I’d price it at more like $3500-3600. Definitely not overpriced.

  • Unbelievable. In 2006 I rented an entire 3-story, 4br brownstone around the corner from there for $2400/mo. We paid our own heat, but still…

  • goodprospect – have you completely renovated in this nice fashion, with this level of kitchen, bath, W/D in unit, central air, and totally smooth floors? Doubt it.

    When the kitchen is in this narrow side room in a brownstone, it is nicer open, really, because you get a bigger kitchen out of it. You get a little more width in the kitchen floor this way (so that two people can actually walk past each other in the kitchen, and the appliance doors don’t take up the whole width of the kitchen when you open them) when you take the wall down and are able to use the space the wall takes up and even a little space from the bigger room next to it.

    Even if you don’t like being on busy corners, the advantage of a brownstone on a corner v. one that isn’t is usually windows on three sides, and so lots more light. I’ve lived in one (not on a busy corner, but on a brownstone corner with one of those tiny 1-block slope streets) and they really feel completely different than the mid-block ones – no dark center of the floor at all.

  • Rents in brownstone brooklyn have been quite a bit higher than what you can get in large parts of the upper east side for many years now, I think. Maybe “Brooklyn rents” will become the phrase.

  • Not a great deal if you have to pay the heat, depending on how it was renovated. That corner location with all the windows costs more to heat.

  • Am i crazy? Having seen other rentals on this site lately, this seems like a DEAL. Big, 2 bedroom, washer/dryer, central air??? For $3400??? In this area? Sorry, its a deal. I challenge you to find another fully renovated real 2bd in brownstone brooklyn close to trains for less than $3400.

  • Wouldn’t the smells from the restaurant be kinda strong?
    Then there’s the noise from the jolly margarita-drinkers outside on pretty afternoons. I wouldn’t think you could have windows open.