House of the Day: 81 Willoughby Avenue

Except for the new wood floors on the parlor floor, this two-family house at 81 Willoughby Avenue looks chock full of old-timey goodness along with the right touches of modernization. The corner house also has an unusually large front yard for Fort Greene as well as a side yard and side exposure. It’s also got what feels like an expected price tag at this point of $2,250,000. Think it’ll go quickly?
81 Willoughby Avenue [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Great light. Corner lot. Many distinctive features. Love it

  • Priced spot on. I bet it goes for slightly north of this.

  • Dare I say it, but isn’t this somewhat under-priced, given how hot the market is? It has a 2-car garage! However, the layout is confusing — at first glance, it looks like a duplex and two upper simplexes. Is the 2nd floor “living room” actually a mislabelled master bedroom? Personally, I hate circular stairways and who would want one between the kitchen and bedroom? Perhaps these quirks speak to the price but then again reconfiguring the space wouldn’t be difficult.

  • Yucky bevel-edged floors. They look so click-together. I’m never sure why people go for these.

  • I don’t see any kitchens. Is that really a spiral staircase the floorplan shows? Very awkward.
    I remember seeing this quite a few years ago. Those look like same prefinished floors that really didn’t work.
    The rental apts years ago were total wreck. I don’t see proof(pics) that that has changed.

  • I visited the property during its open house yesterday, and I have to tell you…Corcoran has exceptional photographers because not only is the space FAR smaller than it looks in the photographs, but it’s gotta be overpriced by at LEAST 500k. As soon as we walked in, the realtor said “Just so you know, guys, the property is sold as is, the garage is not structurally sound and the roof needs work.” The kitchens are orchestrated poorly, the basement is disgusting, there is literally NO backyard space (it’s literally just enough space for your dog to go potty…which isn’t what the ad sounds like), almost 5,000 as ft and only 4 real bedrooms? It was seriously the most hilarious “renovation” I’ve ever seen in my life