House of the Day: 119 Clarkson Avenue

It’s going to be interesting to see what this new listing at 119 Clarkson Avenue ends up going for. The interior of the one-family house is beautiful (and the exterior’s not so bad either, especially if you like the idea of having a three-car garage) but the location presents something of a challenge. Clarkson is several blocks south of the PLG’s “best” blocks and this house is located just a stone’s throw in from Bedford Avenue. (It’s also located next door to this eccentric house.) The asking price of of $849,000 seems reasonable for the quality of the house itself but we suspect that the location will end up dragging it down a bit. Agree?
119 Clarkson Avenue [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

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  • I LOVE this house. No qualifications. Love it.


    I also like that this is in a rough neighborhood, as the resulting price seems like something one might actually attain someday.

  • Andrew,

    Certainly no rougher than Victorian Flatbush, where you live. Ah, the fear of the unknown!

    [Not that I consider either area to be “rough”]

  • Beautiful house. I’d make a few changes, add a bath to the third floor, a sink to the half bath off the kitchen (if the floor plan is right show none there), and maybe change the kitchen around a little (the placement of the fridge is not one I like), but a gorgeous house overall.

    It’s the house next door that gives one pause. If someone were to restore it, it would make this house more valuable. I love the house next door in the old pics. But if a developer is going to get it and tear it down and build something ugly, then that’s too bad for this house. A risk the buyer takes, I guess. Most would prefer something new and ugly, once the construction mess is over, to the looks of this gorgeous house in its current condition as a wreck anyway.

  • As beautiful as this house is, it is really still only one-half of a wood frame house. They call it semiattached, but it’s really half a house. The other half is not in the same condition. You are completely dependent on the quality of your neighbor. If they are careless with matches, candles, or electrical work, your side burns down too. Your half is still less than 17feet wide in total.
    As to the neighborhood, the bars on the second floor bedroom window tell me all I want to know. It’s also a busy two way street with a largge apartment house across the street. Four bedrooms on two floors with only one bath?

  • Nicely put together, but there’s several other properties on much better blocks in PLG in that price range (mid $800k) that aren’t moving very quickly. This will need to drop to somewhere in the low $700s to move.

  • Victorian Flatbush is so much better than this location and alot safer and services are way better.

  • I disagree motherbubba, but to each his (or her) own. The neighborhoods in Victorian Flatbush ARE very nice too–no need for invidious comparisons.

  • Dang, I love this house! What a great feel it has! Regarding the attached neighbor issue, all of us who own townhomes are in the same boat, so what’s the point of the comment? This is NYC, where attached homes are the rule.

  • but it’s an attached woodframe.


  • Wow – impressively spacious compared to what I thought based on the front of the building. Full of nice detail.

  • 121 was a HOTD when it was on the market last year. Sold for less than $600,000.

  • This might be south of “prime PLG” but it is two blocks from the entrance to Prospect Park, and a lovely rambling walk through Victorian Ditmas to Cortelyou Road. I live nearby and I really, really love the neighborhood.

    That said, I know that B’stoner featured it’s twin, 121 Clarkson last winter:

    That one closed south of $600K, and not because the seller’s were desperate (they weren’t, as far as I could tell) or because the place was in bad shape (it is in great shape). We bid on 121, so I went through it with a fine toothed comb.