Windsor Terrace: Hot or Not?

An article in the latest issue of the Real Deal looks at Windsor Terrace and sees lukewarm prospects for the neighborhood. Why so? Well, to begin with, one broker says prices in the area are falling. An Elliman broker who recently sold three Windsor Terrace townhouses says prices are down 7.5 percent, and that properties are slow to sell. Other brokers, meanwhile, say a lack of new development in the neighborhood means there’s not enough inventory. And Windsor Terrace home values may fall even more if prices drop in the Slope. My feeling about Windsor Terrace is that as Park Slope goes, the Terrace goes, says Zev Keisch, a broker at Bond New York. If Park Slope shows a slowdown, then people who were compromising by going to Windsor Terrace to be in that area don’t necessarily have to and can look at their first choice, Park Slope, with a greater chance of a successful buy.
Windsor Terrace on Edge [The Real Deal]
Photo by Betty Blade.

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  • Windsor Terrace is so hot, I got a sunburn the last time I was there.

  • I’d agree that if Park Slope prices fall, Windsor Terrace prices will fall too. Not because WT is second choice in of itself (although for some people Im sure thats true) but because Park Slope is one of the most desireable areas in general. If the demand for that area declines, it would be reflective of a general slowdown.

    But brokers are notorious for labeling parts of Kensington as Windsor Terrace so I wouldn’t take anything they say too seriously. Prime WT has virtually no inventory so it seems to sell pretty well.

  • “people who were compromising by going to Windsor Terrace”

    What the EFF!?! WT is a destination, not a compromise. Ridiculous statement…but wait, it came from a broker.

    Lack of housing stock? That may be due to the fact generations of families choose to live and stay there (if they haven’t been priced out). If folks want the Slope, they should stay in the Slope.

    Silly brokers.

  • The broker why tied WT’s prospects to those of PS is probably correct. Since both neighborhoods are fundimentally sound, I wouldn’t worry much about WT’s long term prospects, even if there is a short-term price reduction.

  • My my action jackson – how defensive are you?

  • I just moved there. I don’t know if WT is hot or not. But if rainy last Saturday night at that restaurant in the picture (“Elora”) is any barometer, it is hot. The place was completely packed and with a very diverse group of people: WT old-timers, newcomers, singles, families, etc.

    From what I can tell so far, many of the restaurants on Prospect Park West (a/k/a 9th Avenue) south of 15th Street are pretty hopping at night, which is probably an effect of the mainly residential character of 8th, 10th, 11th Avenues that far south. PPW is a pretty good blend of “old” and “new” Brooklyn, albeit leaning more to the “old”. That may change depending on the pace of development.

    BTW, Elora in the picture is sit-down Mexican. Food and service were good, but don’t get the “Shrimp with Green Sauce” special unless you REALLY like it spicy.

  • Only feckin idjits listen to broker housing blabber. Coney Island’s the next big thang.

  • prices in the slope have already dropped. i had my place appraised by a broker last year and again this year. the same broker said it had dropped about 15% …. should’ve sold last year…

  • that’s interesting 11:31.

    i bought my studio in late 2006 for 250K and sold it 3 weeks ago for 364K.

    that was the highest of 3 offers. all of which were over my asking price.

    sounds like your appraiser doesn’t know a lot about the market right now.

    or maybe you don’t.

  • I have lived in WT for nearly 9 years. At the time I was looking for an apartment, post-college, while working my first job in Downtown BKLYN. 5th Ave. Park Slope was unsafe and mainly bodegas and burned out/condemned buildings, Carroll Gardens was and always will be exorbitant (I actually got laughed at by a CG broker, who told me I couldn;t even afford a closet in CG -at the time), and Park Slope was doable-but still too much money.

    WT has a small town feel and has always taken pride in that, even before I moved there. Though it has seen spill-over from people who were priced out the Slope, mainly younger people, and it makes WT better than it was 9 years ago. It’s nice to have a ‘hood in Brooklyn where you are NOT going to see a 30-floor Condo spring up every 100 feet. There are things called zone laws people!

    I don’t agree that prices are going down, because I am now in my 5th apartment in 9 years in WT. And I pay just as much as a Slope renter, but my space is bigger. Unfortunately WT landlords have realized over the years that they can price gouge renters, just as much as they do in the Slope, Carrol Gardens, et al.

    There have been over the past 5 years new, “young”, businesses that have popped up on either end of the neighborhood signaling a slow but hopeful progression of the neighborhood. But if it remains quiet and “small town”, what is so wrong with that?

  • “appraised by a broker”

    Brokers don’t appraise properties. Appraisers do.

    I call bullshit, 11:31.

  • A drop of 7.5% is nothing when you think about the fact that they paid only $200,000 for it in 1994 and it’s now worth more than a million.

  • Uh oh. Alot of people saying WT is as expensive/desireable as PS.

    This should get the PS Mafia out in force….

  • The prices are not falling and i Agree about the nabe being linked with Park Slope. Right now face it or not the prices have no reason to fall. The prices will level off

  • thank you 11:38.

    a voice of reason.

    and try more like 1.5 million now.

    even a 15% drop is not even going to be felt by many as long as they aren’t getting a divorce or a job transfer (although homes across the country are also falling, so you’d just get more bang for your buck anyway).

  • sorry i shouldn’t have said “appraised” … i should have said “estimated.”

    i had a couple brokers come by last year and again this year and across the board, they said that the market had softened… and that i would’ve gotten a higher price last year.

    11:35, i’m sure you’re right and you did well for yourself. i’m sure some properties have gone up in value… i’m just sharing my anecdotal experience of prices.

  • so your property was “estimated” at 15% below what it was “estimated” last year??

    by a BROKER?


    sounds fishy.

    if you think you should have sold last year, then maybe you should have sought the advice of an actual appriser instead of a broker who is only trying to make a buck.

    and estimating it at 15% lower than last year is only going to help him/her sell the property faster. and their commission will be relatively unchanged. see how this might serve to their advantage to tell you to sell at a slightly lower price? they get to move it fast and make their bucks and move on to the next.

  • 11:35, just what exactly is a “rent gouger”

  • when brokers over-estimate a property they are seen as trying to win the client or to get themselves a higher commission, and when they under-estimate a property they are seen as trying to move it fast at a loss to their client… they’re jerks either way… ok …

    in any event, 11:38 is right. a 15% drop is relatively speaking not a big deal considering how much prices have increased in the last 5 years… in the end, all of these properties are still up pretty high.

    all i am saying is that most brokers i’ve talked to seem to be saying that the brooklyn market is “softer” now than it was a year ago…

  • ugh,

    lived in the neighborhood for 16 years and frankly, I like the quiet. hopefully this will all be a flash in the pan and WT will continue under the radar.

    on another note, all the brokers are talking about new development that’s godawful ugly, and overpriced. Whatever happened to wanting to move to a neighborhood because you like the neighborhood? Not because it’s transmorgifying into the Financial District or the Village or what-not.

  • 11:35 AM says it all

    “Appraised” is “Appraised”.

    A sale is a sale.

    Real data against perceived data.
    If the broker said it had gone up 15% and you decided not to sell, did it really go up 15%?

  • Windsor Terrace is better than Park Slope. PS is full of snobs.

  • um….12:10…hate to break it to you, but most of the newcomers to windsor terrace have moved there FROM park slope.

    so your neighborhood is now filled with said snobs.

  • also only snobs call people “snobs”.

  • “And I pay just as much as a Slope renter, but my space is bigger. ” —

    I’m trying to make sense out of this comment.

    Boy wt’ers are testy, take a chill pill guys.

  • “And I pay just as much as a Slope renter, but my space is bigger. ”

    I’ll make sense of this for you:

    You get what you pay for.

    WT is where you go to die.

  • Windsor Terrace is nice. I do get baffled by some of the house prices though, when they have even fewer amenities than we do in our neighborhood and worse transportation.

    The best deals in WT, IMO are the coops. Nice sizes, prewar layouts. Good deals. But if you want a whole house unless you luck out and get one of the bigger houses in WT, you can do better elsewhere.

  • Can somebody compile a comprehensive list of places/things Park Slopers have said their neighborhood is better than?

    It’s getting up there. If I only read Brownstoner and lived in a hole, I might actually believe Park Slope is the center of western civilization.

  • What a dumb debate–“hotness”–what, are we all Paris Hilton? WT remains one of the last of the old-time “real neighborhoods” with just enough gentrification to freshen up the act (DUB meat pies opposite good ol’ Farrell’s pub–it doesn’t get any more synergistic than that)…but not (yet) enough gentrification to induce full-scale Slope-style neurosis. The heart of the community is a wonderful parish and school (Holy Name) where your kid can get a decent education for $4K a year instead of $20K+ at Berkeley Carroll (and a childhood experience that is much more “Bells of St. Mary’s” than “Squid and the Whale”). And the R.E. values ($1 mill plus for those sweet little portico’d row houses on sidestreets) are now bloated enough to satisfy any snob. If I had a million dollars (sing with me now), it’s the only nabe I’d choose over Flatbush. May hotness never prevail!

  • I posted at 12:27 and I don’t live in Park Slope. I should have said that! Sorry.

    I was comparing WT to other non-Park-Slope neighborhoods. It’s absurd to compare Park Slope with the affordable neighborhoods with houses under $1.5 million. It’s not the same buyer at all.

  • Nothing’s hot except for layoffs, resets, auctions and foreclosures. You’ll see.

  • 12:33…

    I’m being serious when I say this…

    Please name the things that have been said on this thread that Park Slopers have said are better about their neighborhood than other neighborhoods. At least 3 examples (or even one) would be great.

    We’re all waiting.

  • 12:36…thanks for that. you the what’s ASSistant?

  • why does is always come down to park slope arguements. Cobble Hill is more expensive and pretty much the same thing.

    and closer on the F train.

  • 12:37

    I meant in Brownstoner history you tool.
    It’s common knowledge that Park Slope hijacks every thread and makes it about Park Slope. I’m getting tired of people bragging about how much they sold their co-op for in a thread that is about a church in Fort Greene (or something totally unrelated)

  • park slope is for people priced out of the UWS.

  • As someone that lives on Kensington/windsor terrace border i have to agree with the people that prices in windsor terrace will most likely move in line with ps since it is seen as an alternative to PS. Obviously there are some people that will just prefer the ‘small town’ charm of the neighborhood but i think most people that choose to live in nyc prefer to have amenities close by. Which windsor terrace is lacking in.

    Also i have to agree a lot with the article about tension between old time residents and ‘newcomers’. I know personally my neighbors have been extremely rude to my husband and myself. I could understand their hostility if most of them rented and they feared being priced out but most of my neighbors have lived in their homes for generations.

  • and UWS side is 4 people priced out of UES -and most of UES is for people priced out of ‘classic 6’ Park Ave coops who are people priced out of 5th avenue complete floor duplexes – yadda yadda yadda.

  • “I meant in Brownstoner history you tool.
    It’s common knowledge that Park Slope hijacks every thread and makes it about Park Slope. I’m getting tired of people bragging about how much they sold their co-op for in a thread that is about a church in Fort Greene (or something totally unrelated)”

    So kinda like you hijacking this thread about Windsor Terrace, talking about something not at all related to THIS thread?

    Sounds like you’re a lil bit kerzy.

  • A friend convinced me to look at the newest condos being built on prospect avenue (thought they were still under construction). When I attempted to schedule a viewing I was told they were sold out. Wow, inventory for the nabe may be low but prices don’t appear to be dropping from what I can tell.

    So, when a nabe has low inventory (or lack of new development), it means prices will fall, I thought the opposite.

  • “i bought my studio in late 2006 for 250K and sold it 3 weeks ago for 364K”

    What’s gonna be your next move, may I ask? Plan to jump back in or wait it out?

  • I’m with 12:44, but in fairness, the Park Slope hijack was pretty foreseeable in this case. The article above postulates that WT’s “hotness” is related to PS overspill (wasn’t that a Steve Winwood song?).

    And BTW, I nominate Brenda from Flatbush for mayor. Her above shoudl be the post of the day.

  • Almost all the building in Windsor Terrace was completed by 1965. Few new homes or apartment houses went up after that. But that changed around 2000, when a new building boom got underway.

    For a while the long-term residents took an ugly attitude toward development. When the condo building on the corner of PPSW and 16th Street was under construction, fliers protesting the building were mysteriously appearing in local mailboxes claiming that horrible calamities would ruin the neighborhood if the building were built as planned.

    The writer of the fliers, who lived on 16th near the new building, used racial terms, like “tipping point” to characterize the pending shift in the neighborhood.

    Even Denis Hamill (Daily News writer, former PS and WT resident and Pete’s brother) got into the hatefest, ranting about all the “yuppies” coming in and ruining the neighborhood for the “real people”.

    I always wondered how the new arrivals ruined the place when they were paying the old retired city workers huge sums for their homes. Those retired city workers must have complained about the big prices they got before leaving for Florida.

    These days, a better class of drunks occupy the barstools at Farrell’s. In fact, the barstools themselves are evidence of a revolution. Even in the 1990s, it would have been blasphemy to suggest barstools and non-Budweiser bottled beer at Farrell’s. Women at the bar? Hardly. Behind the bar? Never!

    Meanwhile, WT is not dream territory for dominating retailers. Lonelyville and CT Muffin, no Starbucks. Babbo’s, no Barnes & Noble. Elora’s, no Chipotle Grill. Even ice cream, with Uncle Louis G’s, although somehow the large super-high-fat high-end ice cream retailers are more acceptable than other major retailers. And no fast food joints.

    Some interesting people live in WT, or came from WT. Some morons and idiots live in WT as well. I had neighbors who were the picture of a dysfunctional family. Alcoholism, child abuse, illegitimacy, drug abuse, suspicion of murder, and if things continue as they have, a death from lung cancer is in the cards. It’s always a telling sign when the son-in-law holds his wife’s parents in such contempt that he won’t enter their house.

    I always liked PS 154. For years it had been overlooked. As a result, it was underutilized. No crowded classrooms, which led to a generally pleasant and successful academic experience for most kids.

  • i moved from the upper west side to park slope, but i pay more for my place in park slope.

    can you tell me what that means, 12:45?

  • Park Slope sucks in comparison to the UWS.

  • 12:57,

    well then your UWS apt was probably a piece of crap.

    (folds hands and waits for description of both places and how park slope is nicer AND more expensive than UWS)

  • “12:36…thanks for that. you the what’s ASSistant?”

    Yes sir/madame. And you are the ASShat.

  • 12:50….I found a really nice pre-war 1 bedroom in the North Slope (for sale by owner) which I just purchased for 399K.

    It needs a little cosmetic work, which I’m more than excited to do myself over the next year.

    So in a little over one year, I made enough to put down the full 80K downpayment on a 1 bedroom in my preferred neighborhood.

    I don’t need a ton of space or a full brownstone…I make around 60K per year and I work hard and save money.

    So those out there who say they can’t, they can’t, they can’t…I really don’t get it.

    You can. You just don’t want to.

    It always used to be that you start small and work your way up. Now people think that you start into the market with a million bucks, or you have nothing. I don’t get it, personally.

  • The friction between residents of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace reminds me of the antipathy between Americans and Canadians.

  • “well then your UWS apt was probably a piece of crap.

    (folds hands and waits for description of both places and how park slope is nicer AND more expensive than UWS)”

    upper west side place: 1 bedroom on west end and 94th: rent $1795 per month. 450 sf.

    park slope apartment: 1 bedroom on berkeley place: 2000 per month. 500 sf.

    if you gave me a million dollars, i would not move back to the upper west side.

  • I’ll just wait til I start getting 100k bonuses again and this credit fiasco straightens out….why live frugally?

  • “It always used to be that you start small and work your way up. Now people think that you start into the market with a million bucks, or you have nothing. I don’t get it, personally.”

    Precisely why prices must collapse to historic income and rent ratio averages. What are we, in a new era? Think about it.

  • 1:07

    I stand by my previous statement.

  • 1:08…the problem is partly prices, but the problem is also that a lot of people in nyc are entitled and would NEVER be ok with my 399K 1 bedroom.

    They think they deserve to be in a million dollar pad because either they grew up with some money, or have friends on wall street who make the big bucks and think they deserve it too just because they exist.

    I went into my line of work because I love it. I always knew I’d never make huge money.

    I have way too many friends who make 45-80K a year and think that allows them the moon. They spend money like they are millionaires and are racking up tens of thousands in debt to afford a new ipod every year, $400 shoes and 15 dollar martinis.

    That is part of the problem going on here too.

  • is it just me or are people from park slope obsessed with throwing “dinner parties” at their apartments and inviting their manhattan friends over and somehow trying to recruit their Manhattanite friends into the Park Slope cult?

    Or maybe that’s a little too sinister….Perhaps they just don’t like the F train…..

  • Well, 1:22, if you make less than 60K and can afford a 400K place, you are paying way more than half your after-tax paycheck on your apartment, and you are most likely getting help from elsewhere. So don’t be so self-righteous, please.

  • 1:30

    Even if they aren’t, what’s the point of living so strapped and financially unstable for a place in Park Slope?

    They could have moved to a less “established” neighborhood and freed up money to invest in safer means. Spending 60% of after tax income on real estate won’t be so hot with all that negative equity coming…

  • 1:30…

    if you had read the entire thread, you’d see that i bought a studio last year for 250, sold it for 364. (all done fsbo)

    So I actually put down over 100K on my new place and have a mortgage and VERY low maintenance of around 1600.

    After tax write offs, closer to 1100 a month for a 1 bedroom in prime Park Slope.

    No help from elsewhere.

  • haha. kinda funny.

    guess being on bronwstoner all day isn’t affecting my work productivity.

    i was just called in for my annual salary review about 10 minutes ago.

    just got a 5K raise and another week of vacation for a total of 5 weeks.

    so make that 65K per year!!!!

  • You people are so nasty.

    Berading someone for working hard and buying a place.

    What’s the big deal…Are you really THAT jealous??

  • 1:38:

    Clean out your desk. You’re fired.

  • nope–it’s the self-righteousness, that’s all. You can convey the same thing without the ‘tude.

  • Getting back to the thread…WT is a great location if you want to leave the city by car, certainly easier to get to the Verrazano than from PS. From my experience in Kensington, the subway into the city from WT is usually about 35-40 minutes to midtown, comparable to most parts of PS.

    It reminds me of a lot of Philadelphia neighborhoods, in both good and bad ways. I’d guess that if you bought there now, in 5 or 10 years you’d be really happy you did.

  • more like berading someone for patting themselves on the back and berading others for their lack of fiscal responsibility.

  • What’s wrong with berading someone because of fiscal responsibility?

    It’s the reason the U.S. is going to hell right now.

    Had someone beraded the mortgage companies a long time ago we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    But you are a true American, 1:52. Turn a blind eye and everything will turn up roses, right?

  • 1:55

    It’s different to criticize someone for squandering their own money, than to criticize a country/company for squandering other peoples money for their own gain.

    If somebody wants to spend their money on 15 dollar cocktails or 400 dollar shoes, more power to them. Perhaps that is more important to them than a dreary park slope apartment with “historic charm”

  • I would agree with you, 1:58 except that these said 15 dollar martinis and 400 shoes are contributing to trillions and trillions of dollars of mounting debt by Americans, which causes our dollar to drop further and further.

    I have no problem with 15 dollar martinis or 400 shoes in general. I’ve been known to take part in both, in fact. But I do have a problem when they are bought by people making 45K a year and are using credit exclusively for such things.

    It’s not all cut and dry like you imply. It’s all interrelated.

    People have been using their homes like ATM’s over the past 7 years to make purchases.

    Now we’re in big trouble and people like you want to say…who cares…just do whatever the heck you want to do.

    I find it extremely unhealthy for this country.

  • BTW everyone, it’s “berating” as in “to berate”!

  • The first comment on this thread is the best, so far.

  • Oh thanks, 2:04!

    Learn something new everyday!

  • So, back to Windsor Terrace and it’s relationship to neighboring Park Slope. No matter what “experts” say, it’s clear that both neighborhoods will remain very much in demand. If prices decline by any amount, it’s only because they went up so quickly and by so much–as in most of NYC. It’s nothing to worry about.

  • Windsor Terrace and Park Slope are sister communities.

    They compliment one another, in my opinion.

  • Touche 2:03

    I agree with you 100% but if its spend vs save then i assume those shoes and cash are not being purchased with home equity or credit cards.

    Some people, like myself, are young and don’t want to get bogged down with real estate. What if I want to move to Europe? Hell even move to Ohio and help offset all the people moving to the upper east side from there?

    there are other financial instruments that can provide for a safer return than a 400K 1 bd in PS (for the moment) if you want to be in NYC for the long term, that’s fine.

    Oh and I still have some left over to get a few 15 dollar gin gin mules at Milk and Honey here and there.

  • “The friction between residents of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace reminds me of the antipathy between Americans and Canadians.”

    Windsor Terrace is Canada in your comparison, right?

  • 2:12…I totally agree with you also.

    And the reason I bought was because yes…I do want to be in NYC for the long haul. I’ve been here for 8 years now and have no interest in leaving…I love Park Slope, Brooklyn and all of NYC. I do sometimes think about moving to Europe for a brief stint, but I’ll always want to keep a place in NYC (luckily our co-op has relaxed rental rules).

    I get that some people don’t want to be burdened by real estate, but I’m definitely the type that wanted to own. I’m guessing I might be a little older than you also (31).

    LOVE milk and honey!

    But I’m more of a Jack and coke kinda guy.

  • I bought a nice condo here one year and have been so happy. My property increased in value and the nabe feels very warm; people are nice and laid back. I like it here and if prices are dipping, I’m staying; if the are rising; i’m also staying.

    This housing mess will end, when people will start lookign at their homes as homes; and not hedge funds or some short term play to make a quick buck. Elora’s is abosutely delish as is Fez, the nice Morrocan spot.

  • 2:25

    Your choice in speakeasies, blogs and ability to engage in a civil discussion are commendable.



  • Come on! As we all know PS is the most fabulous neighborhood in all Brooklyn, perhaps in the entire free world. Since this thread is predicated on the fact IF the prices fall in PS, THEN they will surely fall in WT, then WT has nothing to worry about since we all know that PS is impervious to any negative forces.

  • i agree, 3:12.

    park slope is perfection.

    the american planning association thinks so too.

  • WT should merge with Park Slope. Prices would go up by 20% before the ink was dry. Call it “Park Slope Southeast”.

  • alot of the WT people i meet say they live in PS anyways….

  • can’t imagine why, 3:43….according to nearly everyone on this blog, no one likes park slope.

    except me, i suppose.

  • i don’t hate park slope, just the people who live there.

  • Only whores and pimps live in Park Slope.

    Suck in it, Slopers!

  • all 65,000 of them, 3:48?

    you must hate ft. greene, cobble hill, carroll gardens, tribeca, and upper west side also.

    i see no difference in the people in any of those hoods.

    same shit, different day.

  • “i don’t hate park slope, just the people who live there”

    all of them? wow.

  • it’s a difference that can’t be seen, only read on real estate blogs

  • well i do hope you realize 4:01…seeing as you clearly have a very open mind and high intelligence that this being a predominently ANONYMOUS blog, there are posters out there who couldn’t even find park slope on a map who make comments about it to start up some trouble.

    but i’m sure you already know that.

  • “same shit, different day.”

    or same shit, different smell.

    So true.

  • “people who were compromising by going to Windsor Terrace”

    *sigh*. for some, maybe it’s a compromise. if i were looking to buy or rent, given the choice, windsor terrace would get my vote. i love the low-rise feel of the neighborhood, and the homes with the porches kind of make me wish i didn’t currently live in north brooklyn. don’t get me wrong, park slope is beautiful and grand. but sometimes lovely and sweet will do just fine, thankyouverymuch.

  • Can we discuss the F train? I think it creates a value problem for WT and South Slope. Thought really hard about buying in WT love it in almost all respects, but oh the F train! Most of us need a job to pay our enormous mortgage.

  • Can we discuss the F train? I think it creates a value problem for WT and South Slope. Thought really hard about buying in WT love it in almost all respects, but oh the F train! Most of us need a job to pay our enormous mortgage.

  • After nine years in the Slope, I moved to Windsor Terrace and love it. But I also had a bedroom that was on Seventh Avenue outside the bus stop, so the newfound peace is glorious.

  • I am from wt and lived there most of my life and don’t get me wrong – PS is beautiful but I LOVE pulling into my driveway every night and not having to look for parking…. WT over PS any day

  • The F train takes tons of people to their jobs every day. Windsor Terrace is a nice neighborhood and a fine choice if it’s what you can afford. You can get a sweet little house over there for the same price as a park slope apt, and half of the slopers are stuck on the F train too…

    I’m selling my apt in the slope now, and we’ve looked all over the boroughs and we’re zeroing in on WT and also South South South Slope (High Teens near 4th). I prefer the latter because of the R train. but either seems like a great place.

  • I accept the nomination for mayor, if I can fire Marty.

  • “I am from wt and lived there most of my life and don’t get me wrong – PS is beautiful but I LOVE pulling into my driveway every night and not having to look for parking…. WT over PS any day”

    Very misleading. You’re giving the impression that every house in WT has a driveway! That’s insane. I’ve been looking at propeties in WT and have yet to come across one with a driveway or even a tiny space to park a car.

  • i am specifically looking for a house without a driveway.

    otherwise, i’d move to montclair.

  • Please move to Montclair

  • wow. that sure was a good comeback, 5:03.

    school’s out already?

  • I hought 5:03’s response was pretty funny. HA!!

  • “South South South Slope (High Teens near 4th)”

    Ick. Ugliest. Houses. Ever.

  • I would rather live where there are the ugliest houses ever than where there are the ugliest people ever, Park Slope (and I am not talking physically ugly).

  • ^^lame. There are “ugly” people everywhere. Including on your street. They’re in every single neighborhood in Brooklyn. Just like there are also good people in every single neighborhood in Brooklyn.

  • Please, nobody can say the F train is decent. (Or the R, for those talking themselves into South South Slope; the R is heinous). I actually know someone whose sole reason for leaving Kensington is because of frustration with the commute on the F, and she only goes as far as lower Manhattan. Which of course explains the big campaign in 2007 by lots of desperate Brooklyn residents on the F, to get an express added to that line.

    Loving your neighborhood is awesome. But you don’t need to drink the kool-aid to do that. At least admit to what are the obvious and widely agreed upon flaws of a place.

  • Everyone is every neighborhood everywhere ever is LAME!!!!!

  • I wonder when civil war will erupt in Brooklyn. I can’t believe how much infighting and neighborhood competition there is. Is it for real, or is it just a an anonymous blog phenomenon?

  • VERY real, 8:25. I live in the Slope and I’ve got a gang of marauding thugs who visit a different “Brownstone Brooklyn” neighborhood each night and kick the shit out of the pretentious losers that live there. It’s all out WAR and I plan do keep at it as long as it takes to let these fucktards know that they are messin’ with the big boys now!

  • Just people trying to push each others buttons but a brownstone Brooklyn rumble a la “Warriors” or “Anchorman” could be kinda cool.

  • I just think it’s odd, because while a crummy website like Curbed may occasionally feature comments that express “rivalry” between different Manhattan nabes, I’ve never seen it as intense as on this blog. Ever.

  • i would expect should there be a recession (no prediction here), that some folks in park slope will want to sell and move into nearby windsor terrace, thus cashing out anyone strapped for money in WT…telling me the best place to live pound for pound is WT

  • No one ever says, “I want to live in Windsor Terrace”. It is never a destination point (unless you were born there). It is a cheaper alternative to Park Slope.

    Why live in an aluminum sided a-frame house that have none of the charm of Brooklyn and an hour commute to midtown. It is a shorter commute from the suburbs!

  • The snobbiness and cattiness of comparing neighborhoods is painful and sad at times, but it’s done more good for all these neighborhoods than bad. It’s brought attention to some lesser known neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Hearing that those who actually live there love their neighborhoods of Windsor Terrace, Midwood, Ditmas, PPS, PLG, it makes people go and take a look for themselves.

  • BEd Stuy ghetto bitches can kick the ass of all you “tough” boyz in the Slope.

    Suck it, slopers!

  • bring it, B-S! meet me and my boyz at Blue Apron at midnight. We’ll put a locally sourced pesto in your ass.

  • When I moved to brooklyn all I knew was the general area I wanted to live and it turned out the apartment that I liked the most was in park slope. The next one I live in might be in Fort Greene or Prospect Heights… who knows

    people who get all uppidy about living or not living in a certain nabe are annoying as a hell

  • “just got a 5K raise and another week of vacation”

    Try recalculating that “raise” in gold or oil. While your at it, re-appraise your apartment in gold or oil. Ha ha!

  • It does not matter where any of us live. Now that the U.S. is China’s bitch and our dollar is not worth a the paper it’s printed on,everything we have is worth less than we would like to think it is. So keep up all your childish rants about how where you live is better.We will all be speaking Chinese soon. The rest of the world laughs at our stupidity.

  • I already speak Chinese. Oh wait, I AM Chinese. Never mind.