Windsor Terrace: Hot or Not?


    An article in the latest issue of the Real Deal looks at Windsor Terrace and sees lukewarm prospects for the neighborhood. Why so? Well, to begin with, one broker says prices in the area are falling. An Elliman broker who recently sold three Windsor Terrace townhouses says prices are down 7.5 percent, and that properties are slow to sell. Other brokers, meanwhile, say a lack of new development in the neighborhood means there’s not enough inventory. And Windsor Terrace home values may fall even more if prices drop in the Slope. My feeling about Windsor Terrace is that as Park Slope goes, the Terrace goes, says Zev Keisch, a broker at Bond New York. If Park Slope shows a slowdown, then people who were compromising by going to Windsor Terrace to be in that area don’t necessarily have to and can look at their first choice, Park Slope, with a greater chance of a successful buy.
    Windsor Terrace on Edge [The Real Deal]
    Photo by Betty Blade.

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