One of the major barriers to getting rid of stuff is that it’s not always easy to figure out what the heck to do with it all.

If you throw away reusable items, you’re being wasteful. If you stick your things out on the curb with a “Free! No Bedbugs!” sign, there’s a chance the landlord or super will get mad — and an even bigger chance that nobody will believe that the stuff is, indeed, safe to take (making you both wasteful and a litterer), so that’s out.

The ethical and logical action to take with reusable items is obviously to donate it all, and we want to make that as easy as possible for you. Below is some information to help make donation easy, complete with contact information for who can come pick up your items and briefs on what each charity wants and where they are.

What are your favorite donation spots? Together, we can get this done right while clearing the way for a deep-clean in the spring.


The Utica Avenue A/C stop, where a man opened fire Tuesday evening

Since Monday evening, there have been three unusual and disturbing shootings in Brooklyn.

A man shot into a crowd of people inside the Utica Avenue A/C subway station in Stuyvesant Heights during rush hour Tuesday evening. It was not a terrorist attack, but those who witnessed it may have thought it was, coming just days after events in Paris.


CHiPS soup kitchen and women’s shelter in Park Slope. Photos via CHiPS

Looking for a way to give to people beyond your friends and family this winter? Brooklyn has no shortage of opportunities to get involved and give back to the community. The list below is just a few of the many, many ways to do so, be it through clothing donations, empowering youth or adopting a pet.

And many of these opportunities here are year-round, so you can keep giving even after the holiday season is over.


In honor of Brownstoner’s Steel Anniversary, we asked a number of longtime Brooklynites — from borough bigwigs to longtime Brownstoner readers, in neighborhoods from Cobble Hill to Flatlands — for their thoughts on how Brooklyn has changed since the site was founded in 2004.

Here’s their take on gentrification, Brooklyn’s international reputation, the real estate market, Atlantic Yards and more.


A non-service-animal pet was present in a Park Slope food shop on Tuesday, a Chinese takeout spot in Red Hook has received a C grade, and a homeless encampment was reported on Gates Avenue in Bushwick, according to a comprehensive new tool that lists subway changes, rat problems and water leaks.

Created by the City of New York and Vizalytics Technology, is a public mapping of 311 complaints.