Potala Fresh Food has a second momo cart in Sunnyside

On Sunday on our way to the St. Pat’s For All parade, we got off at the 46th Street 7 stop and spied a most surprising and beautiful thing under the train at street level – a momo cart! This is very exciting because momos are so delicious, and for the longest time Jackson Heights was the place to get them. Seems as though the momo is expanding and finding its way to other Queens neighborhoods. We tried the steamed chicken momos and they were absolutely scrumptious. We went back after the parade and bought some frozen ones to take home. This cart is at the 46th Street 7 stop every day from noon-10:30, according to the woman who runs the cart.

Another baby seal visits the Rockaways

Here’s another little guy who washed up in the Rockaways this weekend. It was at Beach 103. Awww…

Image source: Locals Surf School

Get ready for the Better Transit for Western Queens volunteer day with Riders Alliance

The folks at Riders Alliance sent out an email announcing their Better Transit for Western Queens volunteer day on Sunday, March 10th at noon. It’s a chance to survey subway stations and document any problems, and help make future transit experiences more enjoyable for all involved (there’s free food, too). Join them in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts, which is located at 25-19 Queens Plaza North in LIC (GMAP).

A convergence of Queens, Manhattan, and Russia in Far Rockaway

We came across this curious restaurant review for Far Rockaway, which is a restaurant from the folks behind Manhattan’s Death & Co, a “swanky speakeasy-style bar” in the East Village. The thing is, this restaurant isn’t in Queens, it’s in Moscow (2 Turgenevskaya Ploshchad – GMAP) at the at Chistiye Prudy stop. Here’s a little bit from the review:

The Rockaways remain relatively untouched by gentrification, creating an unlikely inspiration for a bar that offers multiple preparations of lobster. At a time when many residents are still lining up for federal aid supplies, the concept seems particularly ill-conceived. But questionable name aside, Far Rockaway does have some smarts that elevate it above the city’s other American spots.

With its heavy atmosphere and calorie-packing food, Far Rockaway seems to be aiming at the dude contingent – and judging by the table of Russian patsany downing beers next to us, it’s doing pretty well. The place maintains a vaguely speakeasy vibe with dark wood, leather booths and murky lighting, which gets even murkier at the lower-level bar.

This review was apparently written by an American in Moscow, named Joy Neumeyer. It is fascinating to see how Queens is viewed through the Moscow filter.

The Friends of Steinway Mansion have arrived

A group of local neighbors have formed the Friends of the Steinway Mansion, who plan to work together to find a buyer for the landmarked house (18-33 41st St – GMAP), with hopes that it will become a museum or a cultural center. The Italianate-style villa has 27 rooms, and really is huge. We stumbled upon a chance to see the insides years ago and we can tell you that even then, when it was chock full of stuff, it was an amazing sight. We wonder if the hot tub is still in the basement. Anyway, the Friends would like to see the mansion sold and turned into a community center or something that treasures the building’s past. We shall see what happens.


Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse/Fighting Nemo – funny names for crazy snow

Indeed we are in for a crazy blizzard tonight – it’s raining as we write this, but that will change to snow later tonight (perhaps even while you’re reading this). Stay safe, get warm, and we hope you don’t have to travel much today. Here’s more info from the NOAA that might also be of help. The NY Times has a prediction chart, too, from around the Northeast and New England.

To counter that snow, how about a cocktail?

Our friend Fooditka introduced us to the new cocktail offerings at LIC’s Casa Enrique – and they totally make us want to be on a beach in Cancun. Micheladas, margaritas, mojitos, oh my! We almost can’t stand it.

Fond momo memories from the hot days of summer

We love momos (perhaps even more than Chinese dumplings, but don’t tell anyone), and love this article by CitySpoonful on a momo tour that took participants to 16 different joints last summer in Jackson Heights. None other than the talented food tour leader himself, Jeff Orlick, led the momo romp through Jackson Heights on a hot hot hot June evening. They visited some of our favorite spots – Woodside Cafe, Potola Fast Food, and Lhasa Fast Food (in the back of a cell phone store). It’s comforting to think the summer will be back, but momos are also terrific during winter, and Lunar New Year this weekend is one of the best times to eat momos, since they are a celebratory food for the new year.

Triumph of Civic Virtue left for BK in the dark of morning, and will be restored at Green-Wood

The saga of Triumph of Civic Virtue, the statue of that dude standing atop two female mythical creatures, crushing them under his foot (some feel this is misogynistic), continues. Kew Gardens resident Jon Torodash believes the whole decision to move it was done in secret – “There are a lot of issues going on with this statue. Residents were annoyed enough that we were losing such a great work of art but then there was this whole secrecy and these strange channels through the Design Commission.” The other side says, no no no – it was announced in the City Record in November. Good news for the statue itself – the president of Green-Wood (the statue’s new home) says conservation will be done on it come spring. It will get new landscaping, too!

Head to Surfside Bagels on Monday for free food and drink

Free bagels and coffee at Surfside Bagels in the Rockaways on Monday – all day! They are celebrating their grand re-opening after Hurricane Sandy. They make a cheese bagel that is good enough to get its own interview. So head on out there – should be a ton of fun!


Stylish folks in Queens – Woodside and Forest Hills

We loved this TONY article, Most stylish New Yorkers 2013, which features two people from Queens – Marc Williamson, 42, Woodside; co-owner of JJ Hat Center and Pork Pie Hatters (a partnership with JJ Hat Center); and Julius Debruhl Lewis, “107”, Forest Hills; owner of Julius Debruhl Lewis Design Studio Inc.. Hats seem to be a constant here, with both wearing dapper head chapeaus. Congrats, fellas!

The Shady Lady in Astoria – what?

We Heart Astoria posted this photo of The Shady Lady, which is going into a long time papered up bar at the corner of 30th Ave and 36th Street in Astoria. Hmm… we think it will be a bar or an “eating and drinking establishment” since there have been no jobs to change anything filed for this address in the Department of Buildings.

Image source: We Heart Astoria

New momo cart in Jackson Heights – A&G Himalayan Fresh Food

Joe DiStefano scopes out a new momo cart in Jackson Heights – A&G Himalayan Fresh Food, which is located in close proximity to Potola Fresh Food, the area’s first momo cart. A&G, along with the momos, also sells a traditional flat bread called baklep. The momos also come with a free bowl of beef broth (here’s hoping it’s nourishing and made from actual bones). The conclusion is that they are both good but Potola’s are a bit juicier. Both sell 8 beef momos for $5. Soulds like it’s time for a field trip out to JH.

Did you know? Flushing had a flasher

Good news is that he’s been caught, so reports the NY Daily News. His name is Dagoberto Amaya, he’s 32 years old, and the cops caught him Wednesday night; that morning he had done something distasteful. We’re glad he got caught – he’s been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and public lewdness. What a jerk. Let’s hear it for New York’s Finest.

P.S.1 is bursting at the seams with art

Anne Shisler-Hughes shows us what’s up at P.S.1 right now, and the art sounds amazing. There’s sculpture, multi-media works, art from found-objects, some audio, paintings, and more. It’s a very exciting time right now at the museum. Plus you can have a meal at the M. Wells Dinette inside P.S.1.


Chopsticks + Marrow, written by Joe DiStefano, covers food both inside and outside of Queens. He’ll be joining us here on QueensNYC each Thursday.

Even on a snowy night people line up for momo at A&G Himalayan Fresh Food

Momo—the beef dumplings beloved of Tibetans—are everywhere in  Himalayan Heights. So popular are the crimped top little packages that I have taken to calling the neighborhood’s Tibetan restaurants momo parlors. For more than five years there has been a lone food cart stationed underneath an Indian jewelry store where momos were steamed day and night. In that time halal food carts and trucks have proliferated along 73rd St., but for the longest time there was just that one momo cart.


Dumplings have been on our minds here at QueensNYC. Of course there’s this great list of top dumplings in Queens, the epic soup dumpling battle, and we often dream of momos – they are a celebratory food for Losar (Tibetan new year) and you can easily get them in Jackson Heights. But we’re always on the lookout for new places to find these beauties. We’d love to know where your favorite dumplings are – any kind really. And do you eat them on their own or in a broth? Do you like spicy sauce with your dumplings? Leave us a comment here, or via twitter at @queensnycity.


Lunar New Year in 5 cultures

Joanna Eng tells us about Lunar New Year in five cultures – Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan, and Mongolian. And while Lunar New Year is February 10 this year, the big celebration here will be in Flushing on Saturday, February 16. You’ll get the chance to experience the Chinese and Korean takes in particular on this important holiday. Ways to celebrate are watching the parade, “wander from bakery to store to restaurant in Flushing, and order whatever they suggest for the holiday,” or head to Jackson Heights and enjoy some momos (one of the special foods for Losar, Tibetan New Year) in the neighborhood, which is increasingly moving from Little India to Himalaya Heights.

TONY discovers LIC, yet again

Time Out New York continues to have a crush on LIC, and posted a short bit on LIC cultural institutions, such as Gantry Plaza State ParkMoMA PS1, Chocolate Factory, and Oracle Club. Also, “Inevitably, however, regeneration brings the risk that some of the iconoclastic fringe element will be quashed—5Pointz Aerosol Art Center.” This institution is going bye-bye and new condos will be going up in its place.

The case of suspended weekend 7 train service – what exactly is the MTA doing?!?

Curious about what the MTA is doing while the 7 train languishes in LIC on weekends this winter? Well, one of the things they are doing is replacing old track with new track – the scene is pretty amazing, with these heavy, heavy section of tracks raised and lowered, and some parts of the track needing to be cut to accommodate the track swap. The MTA has posted photos of the process to their Flickr account and it’s pretty interesting. Definitely check it out to satisfy your curiosity.

Agenda for the next CB13 meeting is here – heads-up, Rockaways

The folks at Rockaway Emergency Plan posted the agenda on Facebook for the next Community Board 13 meeting on Feb 12. “Beach replenishment and stabilization” is on the schedule, which we expect will be of great interest to the surrounding community. About the meeting, REP says:

It’s been moved to a larger location, the auditorium inside Scholars’ Academy on Beach Channel Drive and Beach 104. We’ve reached out to the Army Corps with some of your questions posted here last month and we’ll publish a primer with hopefully some answers at the end of this week.

Yet your neon on, man

The guys who run Krypton Neon in LIC are holding some workshops where you, too, can learn how to bend glass tubes and create some neon art. These workshops are rare – maybe once a year – so if you’re curious, head on over and take a look-see on their site for class descriptions, timing, cost, etc. This could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Happy days for two Rockaways households

We were happy to write about two different households – that of Breezy Point resident Kim Leib and that of Roxbury couple Burt and Jeanne Metz, and their daughter Johanna-Claire Metz – who have been given new homes after theirs were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. In Leib’s case, Steve Conboy, president and CEO of Eco Building Products, came to the rescue, with the aim to both help her get back on her feet, and to showcase his company’s products. For the Metzes, Operation Blessing came to help – 300 of their volunteers spent three weeks, starting in mid-December, building the home without the couple knowing this was to be the end result. As you can imagine, they were really surprised! Congratulations to both households – we wish you all the best in your new homes.

Changes at Jackson Heights’ Tawa Food 

Queens Love mentioned there are some changes at Tawa Food. According to the post, “The front section of Tawa Foods is under new Nepalese ownership and is now Dhaulagiri Kitchen.” Try the thali and the beef momos.

New Colombian restaurant coming to Sunnyside

This week, Los Verdes – a Colombian restaurant based in Miami – is opening a location here in Sunnyside on Greenpoint Avenue (just up the street from Pecas Y Mas, another Colombian restaurant that makes one of the borough’s best cholados). They’ll be offering quesadillas, burgers, fries topped with myriad things, empanadas, and Postobon, among other things, and on the evening of January 17 at 9pm they’ll be having their grand opening celebration – stop in for a free beer to help them cheer on their new home in Sunnyside!

Elm East in Elmhurst is doing very well in leasing their rentals

We were happy to hear that Elm East (86-55 Broadway – GMAP), a new luxury rental building in Elmhurst, has leased half its units in the first month on the market. The building is located right on top of the Grand Avenue M/R stop and nearby some truly stellar food in the neighborhood, NYC’s (unofficial) fourth Chinatown. Starting later in the fall, the developers will be building Elm West, which will be right across the street.

Hindus in Jamaica Bay

The Guyanese Hindu community uses Jamaica Bay as part of their worship practice – this is yet another facet to life in Jamaica Bay, though we wonder how this Hindu community is managing since Jamaica Bay was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Here, Guyanese Hindus make religious offerings – they need to be near the water, though their practice is somewhat controversial to some outside the faith. More on that:

The water of the bay is seen as a form of god, to which the people offer food, flowers and sometimes cloths. The offerings shall be washed away to the Atlantic Ocean, that is connected to the Indian river Ganges through the Pacific and Indian Ocean. But because of the tide in New York harbor, the offerings end up on the shore again. In the past few years, the National Park Service and some environmental watchdog groups have raised concerns about the protection of Jamaica Bay’s environment.

“The problem is that many of the things that Hindus leave are not bio-degradable,” said Dan Riepe, who calls himself the Jamaica Bay Guardian. Riepe is part of the Jamaica Bay Research and Management Information Network, an environmental watchdog group that patrols the bay regularly.



Image source: Ridgefood – fried vegetable momos at Nepalese Indian Restaurant in Ridgewood

Ridgefood, a delightful food blog based in Ridgewood, Queens, reviewed Nepalese Indian Restaurant, a new Nepalese and Indian spot that has opened up on Seneca Ave; they’ve been open for a little over a week. The Ridgefood folks tried the vegetable momos (fried, not steamed, though they’d like to try the steamed momos, too); a thali plate containing what looks like rice, saag paneer, naan, pappadums, and perhaps some kind of condiment featuring tamarind; shrimp tandoori masala (reportedly a rich, heavy dish); and Paneer makhan, made with paneer, creamy cashew sauce, and almonds – also very rich.