The formal land-use review for the mayor’s proposed East New York rezoning could kick off soon. City Planning Commission expects to certify the rezoning application “this spring,” according to Capital New York, which technically begins March 20. During a City Hall budget meeting this week, City Planning Director Carl Weisbrod said, “I do anticipate we will be entering the formal [land use] process this spring.”

Once the ULURP process begins, it could take up to a year. The process starts with review at the community board level, then moves to the borough president, City Planning and the City Council. The mayor’s rezoning plan aims to bring 7,000 new apartments to the area by allowing housing and taller buildings along commercial and industrial corridors. Above, the 1935 Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church at the corner of Glenmore and Pennsylvania Avenue, in the proposed rezoning area.

Timing of City’s Rezonings Still up in the Air [Capital NY via TRD]
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Last week the City Council approved a sizable rezoning in Woodside and Richmond Hill along Jamaica and Atlantic Avenues south of Forest Park. According to The NYC Department of City Planning the goals of the rezoning were to:

– Reinforce neighborhood character and established building patterns by updating existing zoning with new lower-density contextual zones
– Direct new residential and mixed-use development to major corridors and locations near mass transit resources
– Support economic development along two distinct corridors and prevent commercial intrusion onto residential side streets