The much-needed repaving of Borough Hall Plaza is well under way. Brownstoner just paid a visit to the site, where workers are replacing hazardous and crumbling bluestone with more-sturdy “Jet Mist” granite.

A number of people have fallen on the plaza in recent years, including a septuagenarian who broke her hip in 2010 in a tumble caused by the broken bluestone, the Eagle noted at the time.

The main plaza area immediately to the West of Borough Hall  towards the fountain appear to be nearly complete. But will the plaza be finished in time for the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 20? They’re cutting it close.


This post courtesy of Explore Brooklyn, an all-inclusive guide to the businesses, neighborhoods, and attractions that make Brooklyn great.

While Brooklyn is a place of constant flux, the savvy Brooklynite knows where to find remnants of its historical past. Here are five historic Brooklyn buildings that are still standing, despite the incredible changes that are happening all around them.

Brooklyn Borough Hall
Opened in 1851, Brooklyn Borough Hall was originally the City Hall of the former City of Brooklyn, before it was a part of New York City. In 1898, the consolidation went into effect, and this impressive Greek Revival structure became known as Borough Hall. It still houses the offices of the Borough President today and is protected as a New York City landmark.

Read more about Brooklyn Borough Hall here.

Photo by Wally Gobetz via Flickr.


This post courtesy of Explore Brooklyn, an all-inclusive guide to the businesses, neighborhoods, and attractions that make Brooklyn great.

Luckily, thanks to the non-profit GrowNYC, we Brooklynites have access to year-round, locally grown and organic products in greenmarkets spread throughout the borough. Not only can you take care of the lion’s share of your food shopping directly from local farmers, but you can also recycle clothes and recyclable batteries and drop off fruit and vegetable scraps to be converted to compost. Many of the greenmarkets also accept EBT cards.

Following are seven greenmarkets you can find on the streets of Brooklyn.

Bartel-Pritchard Sq [map]

Hours: Wednesdays, 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

Year-round vendors: American Seafood Wild, Bread Alone, Stony Mountain Ranch (grass-fed beef), Williams Fruit Farm

Bartel-Pritchard Sq photo courtesy of Facebook.