Paving the Way for a Better Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza


    The much-needed repaving of Borough Hall Plaza is well under way. Brownstoner just paid a visit to the site, where workers are replacing hazardous and crumbling bluestone with more-sturdy “Jet Mist” granite.

    A number of people have fallen on the plaza in recent years, including a septuagenarian who broke her hip in 2010 in a tumble caused by the broken bluestone, the Eagle noted at the time.

    The main plaza area immediately to the West of Borough Hall  towards the fountain appear to be nearly complete. But will the plaza be finished in time for the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 20? They’re cutting it close.

    Brooklyn Borough Hall Pavement

    Workers applying the mortar work in teams of two: One person uses a trowel to work the mortar into the groove between pavers, the other wipes off the excess with a wet sponge.

    Brooklyn Borough Hall Pavement

    You can see that the main paving extends to the fountain of Christopher Columbus Park. A good deal of work still needs to happen before this area is finished, but the end is in sight.

    Brooklyn Borough Hall Pavement

    The new granite has less character than the previous bluestone. But its coloring matches Borough Hall nicely enough and it won’t chip and crumble over time.

    Borough Hall and its paving are landmarked. But do not be fooled: The crumbling bluestone dates from 1987. The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved its replacement with the granite in 2014, city records reveal.

    Brooklyn Borough Hall Pavement

    This patch of bluestone, to the south of Borough Hall, can give you a sense of what was here before. The disintegrating pavers were a notorious hazard, particularly in winter. This section will be replaced in another phase of the repaving.

    Brooklyn Borough Hall PavementBrooklyn Borough Hall Pavement

    A stack of textured blocks awaits placement at the crosswalk to Remsen Street.

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    Photos by Barbara Eldredge

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