Yemeni Bodega Owners to President Trump: Let Our People Go

Photo by michaelgoldsm


    Thousands of Yemeni bodega owners all over New York City shut their corner groceries Thursday afternoon and gathered at Brooklyn Borough Hall to protest President Trump’s controversial travel ban aimed at Muslims. Yemen was among the seven countries named in the order.

    Nasser Nagi, a Yemini business owner in Cobble Hill, told the Brooklyn Eagle “We have to let him know that what he did was unethical, unhuman, un-American, unconstitutional.”

    Members of the Yemeni community gathered at a rally in #brooklyn to oppose the #muslimban. It was a wonderful show of solidarity in a sea of American flags and outbursts of USA chants. #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #iamanimmigrant #bodegastrike #immigrantswelcome

    “Love respect all people all religions” and “Why, Trump, why? Families separated” were some signs carried at the event, which featured a moment of prayer. While the protestors gathered, neighbors across the city taped signs of support onto the closed bodegas.

    The walkout from a sizable group of business owners, employers and taxpayers seemed likely to get the attention of lawmakers.

    On Friday, January 27, the president signed an executive order immediately barring the entry of nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The move was temporarily stayed by a Brooklyn judge.

    From today's NYC #BodegaStrike. Anyone who's spent much time in New York is aware of the vital presence these ubiquitous 24-hour shops have in the fabric of urban life. The Yemeni owners of hundreds of stores closed down in protest of the immigration ban. Doors were affectionately adorned with messages of neighborhood support while a crowd rallied in solidarity with the Yemeni community in downtown Brooklyn.

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