Oldest House in Crown Heights North Now More Ruined and Expensive Than Ever


The oldest house in Crown Heights North, the freestanding wood frame Susan B. Elkins house at 1375 Dean Street, built in the mid-19th century when the area was still mostly open farmland, is back on the market. This time the ask is $1,100,000, and the building looks to be in worse condition than when it last changed hands in 2011 for $194,000, according to PropertyShark.

At the time, buyer Real Properties Group said it planned to restore the exterior to its 1939 tax photo condition and turn the interior into apartments. In recent months, the Crown Heights North Association reported the owner for “demo by neglect” because neighbors saw gaping holes in the roof.

Unfortunately, the building was left open and looted over the years. Now the current owner appears to have gutted what little remained of the interior. The listing says “Delivered vacant and with an interior that has been completely cleared, you can project your fantasy home and build out to suit your individual tastes and desires.”

As one might expect, there are no interior photos, but click through to the Corcoran listing see a floor plan.

“Yes, it’s finally on the market, the house that we’ve fought so long to protect,” said a member of Crown Heights North Association in an email. “Now it’s our turn to help find a buyer who will restore it to its glory.”

It’s landmarked, so presumably any exterior restoration will not be cheap, quick and dirty. Any deep pockets out there?

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